Your Top Picks – The Best Handbag Articles of 2018

As we bid farewell to 2018, we at PurseBop look back at our incredibly busy year. From the rise of the reissue to the release of the PurseBop Frock, these past 12 months have been an exciting rollercoaster in the world of luxury handbags and fashion. We are excited to leap into the new year and see all the trends and innovations that 2019 has to offer. But before we sing Auld Lang Syne and say our last goodbyes, we at PurseBop want to look back at what you, the PurseBop community, have responded to the most this past year.

So, without further ado, here are the best 8 post from 2018:

We at PurseBop maintain that an excellent handbag also exists as an investment. While trends come and go, we’ve found some bags are classics that withstand the test of time, and list our top 10 staple bags that serve as an excellent investment piece in your closet.

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This is the latest comparison of Hermès price variance in the United States and across Europe with handbag math for tag prices as well as the addition of VAT refunds. Follow this extensive breakdown of prices if you are a United States citizen looking to shop in Europe!

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If you’ve read the previous selection and are looking specifically for what buying in Paris is like, then look no further! As part of our Paris with PurseBop series, we do the handbag math to help lay out what purchasing at the Hermès mothership entails.

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From budgeting and investment to color selection and shopping while traveling, PurseBop herself answered your most pressing questions during her Paris expedition. Read to find information from a firsthand source on the top handbag queries.

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Your biggest questions answered

Part III of the Paris with PurseBop series, PurseBop breaks down her experience at her Hermès appointment in Paris and how she planned out her reveal. Read through for a personal account of the process and to see those lovely orange boxes open up and reveal her new Kellys.

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L: Rose Lipstick R: Rouge

We tackle the age-old question “Chanel or Hermès?”  by breaking down the numbers. From recent price increases to depreciation rates of Chanel and Hermès favorites, we compare the brands to help you narrow down your selection.

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handbag math

The Hermès blind stamp has been located on the reverse side of the strap as a sign of authenticity since 1945. However, in the past year Hermès has moved the stamp on its Birkins to a hidden spot on inside the bag. We detail where you can find it.

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Traveling abroad as a handbag aficionado can be tricky, but this guide has you covered! From selecting the right bags and packing them smartly to shopping abroad and navigating the VAT system, this resource walks you through your travels so you can be safe and chic.

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We thank you for spending another wonderful year with us at PurseBop. Here’s to 2019 being even more magical.

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