Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2020/21 Collection is Finally Here

The calendar may still say Summer (at least for a few more days) but Chanel dictates that Fall is here, fashion-wise. Views of Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2020/2021 Collection are on its website as bags trickle into stores. We previewed some of the handbags at the time of the March 2020 runway show (read: A Peek at the Chanel Bags Expected Fall 2020).
Now, however, we get an up close and personal look, virtually of course. Here are some of the standouts.

Leather and Pearls

Toughen up your pearls with leather. Or sweeten your leather with pearls. Either way it’s an appealing combination on the petite Chanel options. In fact, these are considered small leather goods (rather than handbags). But, they sure pack a lot of style into a little package (and a more manageable price).

Clutch with Chain

Price: $2,750

The simplicity and charm of this clutch with its black lambskin exterior, featuring a small chain made of faux pearls, reminds us of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic outfit in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her black Givenchy dress and pearls featured in the 1961 film is one of the most iconic movie outfits to date. Perhaps Chanel drew some inspiration from the flick for this clutch.

Chanel Fall-Winter 2020/21

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Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21

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Mini Wallet on Chain

Price: $3,450

This beautiful mini wallet on chain features materials similar to that of the clutch with chain. The wallet is marginally bigger than the clutch and the faux pearl chain is longer, allowing you to attempt a cross body style more comfortably!

Mini Wallet on Pearl Chain

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Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21

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Pink: This Season's Hot Favorite

Pink, pink, pink and more pink. Not every Chanel collection features this hue, but Fall 2020/21 has many options.

Small Diamond Bag

$ 3,000

Available in five different colours (Black, white, green, yellow and pink) the small diamond bag is another option for a wallet on chain. Its unique style sure stands out.

chanel Fall-Winter 2020/21

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Armando Grillo / via

Small Diamond Bag by Chanel

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Small Flap Bag

$ 3,600

A squishier version of the Flap Bag, the bag has a cool and casual vibe about it. It is available in the two popular colors of the season – Pink and Pistachio Green.

Chanel Fall-winter 2020-21

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Vanity Case

$ 4,100

It doesn’t get more feminine than this pretty Vanity Case in pale pink (we definitely do not recommend using it to store toiletries or makeup though).

Chanel Vanity Case Fall 2020

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Chanel Vanity Case 2020

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Gabrielle Hobo Bag

$ 4,300

This bag features an aged calfskin exterior in a resplendent shocking pink. Other variants include a version in blue and a smaller sized version in pink, black, white with black and gold.

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo 2020

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The Pink Tweed Airpod Case


This tiny accessory isn’t just a sight for sore eyes but is also uber useful. Pop your airpods into the case and attach it like a charm to any handbag. Available in two sizes (for both regular and pro airpods) in leather and tweed variants, We can’t stop admiring the pop of pink on this one.

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Chanel Airpod Case 2020

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Small is Still Big When it Comes to the Flap With Handle

Fans of the mini Coco Handle will be pleased to find another similar option.

Mini Flap Bag With Handle in Black Velvet

Price: $5,300

Quintessentially winter, this bag is the perfect accessory for any winter wardrobe. For those who prefer a dash of colour, check out the turquoise grained calfskin version of this bag.

Chanel Fall-Winter 2020/21

Photo Courtesy: Armando Grillo / via

Chanel Mini Flap Bag with Handle

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Shearling is Back

You may recall Chanel’s Fall Winter 2018 collection which included a number of shearling fabricated and trimmed bags.
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Now, this fuzzy and warm material comes back even bolder in the latest collection. No need for your wallet to get cold!

The Bucket Bag

Price: $3,800

This bucket bag’s exterior is made completely out of shearling. The gold metal chain strap sports a small piece of black shearling at the top as well. There is a flashier version at a little less than double the price.

Take a look:

Chanel Shearling Bucket Bag

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Shearling Bucket Bag 2020

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The Flap Bag

Price: $3,600

This Classic Flap Bag features a white shearling exterior and a gold chain with a thick piece of fuzzy shearling at the top of the chain. Here too there is a flashier version at approximately double the price!

Chanel Shearling Flap Bag

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Chanel Shearling Bag 2020

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Chanel Shearling 2020

Photo Courtesy: Estrop via

The 2.55 Bag

Price: $6,500

This one is our favorite among the shearlings. The style, material and hardware just come together oh so elegantly.

Chanel 2.55 Shearling 2020

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Dressed Up With Jewels

You love jewelry . . . Well, your bags might too. This season Chanel adds its classic gripoix (poured glass jewels) on small flap bags. It’s not a new trick, but one Chanel pulls out every few seasons.

Jewels on Bags

Price: $4,200

Chanel has introduced the Small Flap Bag in a bejeweled variant this season. The bag is subtly blingy featuring faux pearls and Chanel’s Gripoix on the clasp.

Chanel Fall 2020

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Armando Grillo / via

Chanel Fall Winter 2020/21

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Small Chanel Flap Bag 2020

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The Infamous Perfume Bottle Minaudière

Chanel is known for its minaudières – those limited edition small, delicate, decorative bags, inspired by real world items and artifacts. Previous versions of the minaudière have included a book, a Lego Bag, a Doll Bag and even a Milk Carton shaped bag!
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Chanl Fall-Winter 2020/21

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This year we see a version of the minaudière from the 2014 cruise collection. That’s right, the infamous perfume bottle minaudière is back! This bag is inspired by the brand’s iconic perfume Chanel No 5. Indeed, Marilyn Monroe once scandalously claimed that the perfume was the only thing  she wore to bed.

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This season’s Evening Bag in Resin and Gold Tone metal, is a magnificent collector’s item. Price is available on request.

Chanel Evening Bag Fall 2020

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Which of these eye catching styles catch your fancy?

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Published: September 19th, 2020
Updated: September 19th, 2020

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