Chloe Hits – From Drew, Faye to Jane?

Chloe is all about big hits – the bolder, the better. In recent times, we’ve seen Chloe produce some stellar bags that everyone wants to have such as the Drew Bag, the Faye Bag, and the Hudson bag. We might have another Chloe “it” bag in our presence with the Chloe Jane Bag. This past NYFW, many celebrities and bloggers were seen toting the very unique Jane bag, and we want to take a closer look at what it’s all about. Let’s dive in…


Photo Courtesy: PopSugar


Photo Courtesy: PopSugar

The Chloe Jane bag hit the runway in the Chloe Spring/Summer 2016 show. If nothing else, the Jane bag leaves an impression. The Jane has a very simple, rectangular shape but features lots of decorative accents that beg for this bag to be the center of attention. The hanging tassels bring movement and body to the bag in contrast to its very angular, rectangular shape. Its various styles come in suede, python, patchwork pattern, and rainbow colors to give the bag a really funky, vintage look.

From the bold tassels and bright colors, the Chloe Jane bag is meant to have a very bohemian inspired look. The Jane bag speaks back to Chloe’s roots. The fashion house was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian-born woman who spent most of her days in Paris. Chloe’s designs from the beginning embodied modernity, youthfulness, and rebellion all while using the most luxurious, quality fabrics.

The Chloe Jane bag comes in two sizes: small and in a mini bracelet form.

Styles & Prices

Chloe Small Jane Tassel-Trim Leather Crossbody – $1,290 via Neiman Marcus

Chloe Jane Small Rainbow Patchwork Leather & Suede Crossbody Bag – $1,490 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Chloe Small Jane Suede Fringe Patchwork Leather Crossbody Bag – $1,490 via Nordstorm

Chloe Jane Small Suede and Python Shoulder Bag – $1,650 via Bergdorf Goodman

Chloe Small Jane Suede Fringe Leather Crossbody Bag – $1,290 via Nordstorm

Chloe Jane Suede Mini Bracelet Bag – $990 via Bergdorf Goodman

Instagram Eye Candy

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The Chloe Jane bag is no doubt an unique bag…can you handle it though?

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Published: May 12th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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