Coach 1941 Spring Bags Simply Enchant Us

Over the past few years, Coach has really changed their game up. After weak sales and decreased consumer engagement, Coach shifted their focus less from monograms and short lived “it” bags to more traditional silhouettes with quality leather craftsmanship. The new “Coach 1941” Spring Bag collection really speaks to their mission to reconnect with their roots.

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, Coach went vintage and launched a new collection of bags that reimagines iconic styles with a few creative twists. Overall, the line has lots of 70s inspired details, crazy patterns, and bold floral prints. However, there are so many timeless styles in this collection, everyone is sure to find a bag they like even if you aren’t big on the throwback.  Scroll below to see all their new work! We’ve given you collection highlights tailored to your bag interests…

Notable Styles:

  1. The Rogue Bag – Tote-shaped Satchel Bag
  2. The Outlaw Bag –  “Doctor’s Bag”-shaped Satchel Bag
  3. The Saddle Bag – Classic Saddle Bag Shape
  4. The Ace Bag – Mini Crossbody Bag
  5. The Dinky Bag – Wallet on Chain style Crossbody bag

For everyday bag lovers...

The Rogue bag is one of Coach’s newest designs. It is a fairly roomy satchel bag and can serve adequately as an everyday bag or travel bag. It is not only functional, but has a luxe feel. It is slightly more expensive than some of Coach’s other bags, but you get a lot of bag for your money in terms of features and craftsmanship. The middle compartment securely zips, and there are two small slots on either side for convenience. You can carry the bag  by its two top handles or detachable shoulder strap.

Similarly, the Outlaw bag is another satchel bag with a semi-circular silhouette like an old doctor’s bag. You can zip the bag up from both ends of the bag and close it at the very top. The detachable strap makes for easy crossbody wear. Like the Rogue bag, it has the capacity and security of an everyday bag.

Coach Rogue Leather Satchel – $795 via Nordstorm

Rogue Leather and Python Satchel – $1,200 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Coach Outlaw Bag 36 Leather Satchel – $595 via Nordstorm

Coach Embellished Patchwork Outlaw Bag – $795 via Saks Fifth Avenue

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Outlaw Bag

For vintage lovers...

The Saddle Bag is a must have classic! This Saddle in the 1941 collection is inspired by Coach’s 1972 Pouch bag. The simplicity of the saddle is its biggest selling point. In plain leather, it’s the perfect companion bag to any look. Its clean lines and big planes also show off floral patterns very well too.

Coach 1941 Leather Saddle Bag – $450 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Coach 1941 Python and Leather Saddle Bag – $1,400 via Saks Fifth Avenue

For floral lovers...

Coach fully amped up the floral and pattern theme in this collection. All the floral is very bold and presented in large appliqué or colorful, compact graphic prints. These are the perfect statement bags to fit a boho or ultra-feminine look.

Coach 23 Floral Appliqué Saddle Bag – $695 via Nordstorm

Coach 23 Flower Print Geniune Calf Hair Saddle Bag – $895 via Nordstorm

For mini lovers....

The Ace bag is a great mini option with a decent amount of capacity. It reminds us vaguely of Alexander Wang’s Rockie bag, another mini in the $1000 and under range. The Ace has a very similar loo at an even lower price of $295! If you’re a mini addict, you can’t go wrong. On the other hand, if you can’t justify the price tag on higher end minis but still want to experiment with smaller bags, consider the adding the Ace bag to your collection.

Coach 1941 Ace Suede Satchel – $295 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Coach 1941 Ace 14 Floral Print Calf Hair Satchel – $595 via Saks Fifth Avenue

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For wallet on chain lovers...

If you’re all about hassle-free bags, check out the Dinky Crossbody bag. It has a slim and compact body just like a Wallet on Chain, but it is a little more roomy than the average WOC. The inside is divided into two slots and has a coin purse pocket for loose change.

Coach 1941 Dinky Floral Appliqué Crossbody Bag – $695 via Nordstorm

Coach 1941 Dinky 24 Floral Print Calf Hair Crossbody Bag – $695 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Coach 1941  Dinky Leather Crossbody Bag – $350 via Saks Fifth Avenue

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Feeling the vintage vibes? Are you YAY or NAY on the new Coach 1941 Spring Bags?!

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Published: April 5th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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