Top 10 Most Digitally Savvy Brands

Nowadays, it can be hard for brands to survive without a big online presence. The majority of shoppers consult the internet as their first resource when making buying decisions (Read: Handbag Shopping – Does More Browsing Increase Satisfaction). Brands that want to stay relevant and ahead of their competition have to make a big splash on the digital landscape by upping their “Digital IQ”.

According to Fashionista, the “Digital IQ Index” is a system calculated by the research firm L2 that benchmarks the digital performance of 85 luxury brands in the US market. The Digital IQ number is factored by examining a brand’s e-commerce efforts, search visibility, social-media engagement and mobile aptitude.

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L2 Digit IQ Luxury Report Cover from 2010

So, what are the most digitally savvy brands of 2016?

Ever since L2 launched their research, Burberry has always had the top digital IQ due to their great e-commerce offers and engagement with consumers on social media platforms. However, Burberry has recently been dethroned by fashion giant Gucci for title as number one. By comparison, Gucci received a digital IQ score of 145 and Burberry received a 144 – so the competition is still stiff. Yet more remarkably, this is the first time ever Gucci has broken into the top 5 list for digital IQ. We have to attribute Gucci’s recent success to the new creative director, Alessandro Michele. Over the past year, the brand has launched new social media campaigns, collaborated with celebrities on Snapchat and Instagram, and re-launched its website in October, which significantly boosted e-commerce sales. This digital achievement is just more evidence that Gucci is truly killing the game right now (Read more: Gucci – The Most Improved Player of the Year?).

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After Gucci and Burberry, who else in the luxury world has a stellar digital IQ? Check out the top 10 list below:

1. Gucci

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2. Burberry

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3. Coach

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3. Ralph Lauren (Tied with Coach)

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5. Tory Burch

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6. Kate Spade

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6. Michael Kors (Tied with Kate Spade)

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8. Louis Vuitton

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9. Tommy Hilfiger

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10. Cole Haan

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@colehaan via @mystylediaries

10. Stuart Weitzman (Tied with Cole Haan)


@stuartweitzman via @vivaluxuryblog

List Recap:

1. Gucci
2. Burberry
3. Coach
3. Ralph Lauren (tie with Coach)
5. Tory Burch
6. Kate Spade
6. Michael Kors (tie with Kate Spade)
8. Louis Vuitton
9. Tommy Hilfiger
10. Cole Haan
10. Stuart Weitzman (tie with Cole Haan)

Are you surprised by the results of the list? Do you think it’s important for brands to be “digitally savvy”? Do online campaigns and social media influence your shopping? Let us know your thoughts on BopTalk.

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Published: December 10th, 2016
Updated: June 1st, 2017

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