Dear PurseBop: Is Gold or Palladium Hardware More Valuable on a Hermès Quota Bag?

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This week we explore the preference difference between gold and palladium hardware, whether to re-home a beloved bag to start the Hermès journey, is it possible to ask for 2 non-quota bags abroad, and can anyone walk into a Hermès boutique and buy a Picotin.
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Dear PurseBop: Is Gold or Palladium Hardware More Valuable on a Hermès Quota Bag?

The color of the hardware on a handbag is a very personal choice. Historically gold seems to be most popular but palladium is beloved by many as well and seems to be making a resurgence. Dear PurseBop explores this topic in further detail here.

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Dear PurseBop: Can I Ask for 2 Non Quota Bags While Shopping Abroad?

While traveling abroad it is tempting to shop in other cities. Asking for any leather handbag at Hermès is always challenging but definitely worth the ask. Click here for Dear PurseBop’s suggestions on the best ways to approach shopping abroad.

Dear PurseBop: Should I Sell My Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap to Invest in a Birkin 25 or Birkin 30?

Selling a once beloved bag to fund a new journey is tempting. There are several things to consider before pulling the trigger. Remember doubt means don’t. Dear PurseBop has many more tips here to help you decide how to proceed.

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Dear PurseBop: Can Anyone Walk Into A Hermès Boutique and Purchase a Picotin?

Anything is possible, as they say. Even walking into a Hermès boutique and buying a Picotin on a first visit. However, for a more likely scenario and tips on how to ask for the bag of your dreams, read here.

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Published: May 24th, 2023
Updated: May 29th, 2023

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