5 Steps to Follow When Falling Out of Love With Your Handbag Collection?

New year, new you, new handbag collection? While it is tempting to take a new year—and in this case a new decade!—as an excuse to shake up your bag collection, we advise you first to stop and think. How will you ensure worthwhile pieces stay in your collection and prevent making an “investment” you’ll come to regret? Simply follow these five steps.


1. Time for Some Contemplation

Curating a handbag collection that you will not only treasure but actually use takes some careful thought. A great way to start is noting how many times you’ve used each of your bags in the last three months. While many designs are exquisite to look at, bags are made to be used. So unless you’re eager to spend thousands of dollars on a closet ornament, you should definitely consider a bag’s functionality.

If you opt to wear certain bags seasonally perhaps look at a six month timeframe. And if you haven’t touched that bag in a year or more, you might already have the answer to whether it should “stay or go,” and you can make room for future treasures.

Businesswoman Jamie Chua with her famous handbag collection on display. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua / YouTube.

2. Make Sure to Cover All Your Bases

While most of us bag lovers are guilty of playing favorites when it comes to different styles of bags, a desirable collection should always be functional and therefore have a little bit of everything. Ask yourself if your assortment of designer gems covers everything from an everyday tote to a glamorous evening bag (or two or three).

The major categories are…

The Tote

Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Photo courtesy of @luxpetite

Hermès Garden Party Tote. Photo courtesy of @magsmemo

The Mini

Hermès Mini Kelly. Photo courtesy of @lenaterlutter

Mini Lady Dior. Photo courtesy of @Clairechanelle

The Shoulder/Cross-Body Bag

Chanel Classic Flap. Photo courtesy of @taonaena

Louis Vuitton Twist. Photo courtesy of @mamyoum

The Top Handle

Louis Vuitton Capucines. Photo courtesy of @luxpetite

Hermès Kelly. Photo courtesy of @nitro_licious

The Retro Bag

Dior Saddle Bag. Photo courtesy of @lovely_jurgen

Louis Vuitton Dauphine. Photo courtesy of @williamazing

Travel Bag

Louis Vuitton Keepall. Photo courtesy of @heyyy_june

Hermès Hac Travel Birkin 50. Photo courtesy of Splash News.

Take a look at each bag category—are some too full and others desperately lacking? If so, it may be time to branch out to make your collection well-rounded, and to pare down on that sixth top-handle bag that’s sitting in the back of your closet.

3. Remember That There’s Always Room for the Classics

Whether it’s a Chanel Classic Flap or a Birkin 30, there’s always room for the classics in your collection. As well as being timeless and holding their value, classic designs are known for their versatility.

So if you’re temporarily uninspired by, for instance, your neutral Birkin, you may want to let the feeling pass (and in the meantime, that B will likely remain an investment!).

Photo courtesy of @fashionisminepassion

4. Allow Yourself to Mix it Up!

Are you a fan of a subtle look or a logo lover through and through? It’s important to know your style. How else would your collection be a reflection of the bags you love and can see yourself using?

That said, it’s still great to mix it up a little and include a few pieces that aren’t your usual type. When you’re reassessing your beloved handbag collection, make sure to picture yourself on fun outings, or occasions where your style may be a bit more eclectic. (Most of us deviate from the style we naturally gravitate toward at times!) Then, perhaps plan an outfit with that whimsical bag you’re unsure about and wear it out! 

Moreover, remember that different materials are suited to different activities. While monogram may be perfect for a much needed pop of motif, colored leather may fit certain occasions better.

Photo courtesy of @bohegirl

Kylie Jenner appears to be a fan of the monochrome look. Photo courtesy of @kyliejenner

If you’re still looking for that spark of inspiration, it might be time for a new bag. While beloved classics are a sure investment, no one could be blamed for falling weak at the knees when gawking at the latest designer releases which dabble with new materials and textures. The luxury fashion world has recently become very into denim bags (read: Denim Bags – Luxury’s Latest Gem or Fashion Faux Pas?). And Dior’s new all black designs featuring black ultra matte-finish metal have proved a definite consumer favorite.

Just remember: when you’re considering adding a new release to spruce up your collection, it’s crucial to not get blinded by the allure of the next must-have bag. Generally, make your choices based on not just instant desirability, but also functionality, versatility and investment potential.

Photo courtesy of @elshanesworld

Photo courtesy of @hallobeanme

5. Consider Your Dream Piece

Or plural! Everyone has that dream piece that’s been on their wishlist forever. This bag is essentially guaranteed to make you fall in love with your collection again—at least for a time (PurseBop knows the cycle all too well…).

And while certain pieces may seem like mere distant fantasies, with the right plan they could be within your reach. It’s essential to consider just how important your dream pieces are to you. Is a quick fix of luxury handbag therapy worth making a dent in your savings? Or is the purse that has a special place in your heart worth holding out for? We tend to advocate for waiting, since it brings bigger satisfaction long-term, and revisiting the lesser-loved pieces in your collection in the meantime.

Photo courtesy of @bibi2cuori

Photo courtesy of @jan_patamapun

So what do you do when you’re falling out of love with your handbag collection? Do you think it’s important to have a range of bag styles in your collection? Is your dream piece worth sacrificing the latest must-have purse for? Let us know below.

Photo courtesy of @bibi2cuori

Love, PurseBop

Published: January 12th, 2020
Updated: January 18th, 2020

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