Hermes 101: Hermes Garden Party Tote

A tote bag is a must-have in any collection! The Hermes Garden Party Tote is a staple for many and one of Hermes’ most popular bags due to its relatively affordable price tag and practicality. If you’re still looking for a great, designer tote bag, PurseBop is here to inform you on all the ins-and-outs of the Garden Party tote!

What to Expect from This Reference Guide:
I. Is It Worth It? Reasons to Buy
II. Features
III. Materials
IV. Sizes
V. Prices
VI. Celebrity Style
VII. Instagram Eye Candy

Is It Worth It?

You may be thinking…there’s tons of solid totes out there from great brands, why turn to Hermes for a basic tote? While this is true, Hermes has craftsmanship like no other and you are bound to get use out of a high quality tote like this for years to come!

The Garden Party hits the marks on quality, functionality, and looks. It has a casual, relaxed vibe, but it is still structured and very chic. The tote has a simple, classic silhouette and isn’t as flashy or overwhelming recognizable as other styles such as the Birkin or Kelly for example. It is also elegant enough to be used for more professional or formal occasions.

Reasons to Consider the Hermes Garden Party Tote:

  • High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Chic, but functional
  • Great Entry Level Bag – Relatively affordable compared to other Hermes Bags
  • More durable to heavy/frequent wear compared to other Hermes bags
  • Elegant enough to look appropriate with a variety of looks
  • Dress her up! You can easily add twillies or bag charms to the handles of your Garden Party for a more unique look.



The Hermes Garden Party is a tote bag… plain and simple. It has one big, open compartment and it is designed to be functional and accommodate your things easily. The Garden Party is very straightforward compared to other Hermes bags with lots of bells and whistles like sangles, clochettes, and locks (read: Hermes 101 Birkin v. Kelly for full lesson on every part of a B and a K if these terms seem unfamiliar!) The simplicity of the Garden Party tote makes it a great on-the-go bag.

Notable Features:

  • Clou de Selle Snap Closure
  • Zippered Interior Pocket
  • Canvas Interior

There are also some “special edition” Garden Party totes with unique features. Some Garden Party totes feature detachable straps and outside pockets. Some Garden Party Tote bags can come with patterned canvas interiors as well.


Front View


Side View

H051568CK7C (1)

Top View Closed


Top View Open


Medium Hermes Garden Party Tote with Detachable Strap and Outside Pockets


The Garden Party Tote comes in two different styles: all leather and canvas with leather trim. The canvas styles have a canvas body and contrasting leather handles and trim. The leather commonly used for the all leather styles is called Negonda leather. Negonda leather is soft, supple, and has a matte finish. It is durable and water resistant, which is great since totes endure a lot of wear and tear with frequent use.

Both the canvas and all leather styles all have canvas interiors. Other Hermes bags have leather interiors. The use of canvas interior makes the Garden Party relatively more affordable compared to its H peers.

Common material combinations:

  • Canvas and Cowhide
  • Negonda Leather

Hermes Canvas. Photo Courtesy: BragMyBag


Hermes Negonda Leather. Photo Courtesy: BragMyBag


The Garden Party Tote is currently available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Small Garden Party totes are perfect for everyday wear and are comparable to larger sized handbags. The Medium Garden Party Tote has a little bit more capacity and is more well-suited for travel, work, and errands. The Large Garden Party Tote is more heavy-duty and better for travel and packing. Hermes used to stock the Garden Party Tote in both smaller and larger sizes than what is available now, but those sizes have since been discontinued.


  • Small (also known as “TPM” or “Hermes Garden Party 30”)
  • Medium (also known as “PM” or “Hermes Garden Party 36”)
  • Large (Less common and usually in canvas. Also known as “Hermes Garden Party 39”)

Check out the dimensions for each tote below…

FullSizeRender 287

Small vs. Medium Garden Party Tote ~ @loveithateit_ig

SizeDimensions (L x H x W)
Small Hermes Garden Party Tote12" x 8.5" x 5"
Medium Hermes Garden Party Tote14" x 10.25" x 6.5"
Large Hermes Garden Party Tote19.5” x 14” x 9.5”


Due to various materials and sizes, prices for Garden Party Totes will vary too. Canvas styles retail for less than all leather styles.

Size and MaterialPrice in USD
Small Canvas Garden Party Tote$2,075
Small Leather Garden Party Tote$3,500
Medium Canvas Garden Party Tote$2,325
Medium Leather Garden Party Tote$3,675
Large Canvas Garden Party Tote$2,960

Celebrity Style

Celebs love to take the Hermes Garden Party Tote on all their jet-setting adventures!

Reese Witherspoon

Teresa Giudice

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jordana Brewster

Instagram Eye Candy

Take a look at the Garden Party Totes our IG community is rocking!

FullSizeRender 232


FullSizeRender 236


FullSizeRender 237


FullSizeRender 238


FullSizeRender 233


FullSizeRender 234


FullSizeRender 235


FullSizeRender (1)


Do you own or have you ever had your eye on the Hermes Garden Party Tote? How do you think it compares to other designer totes? Share your thoughts on BopTalk!

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Published: July 22nd, 2016
Updated: July 28th, 2019

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2 Responses to “Hermes 101: Hermes Garden Party Tote”

  • nice review – just wanted to mention that the material you showed in the pic is not canvas but toile officier, which is much more durable (they use it also for B and K etc). there are canvas GPs (like the herbag zip) but those are commonly in the same colour as the leather trim and the material is not very durable

    the GP is a nice bag but the handles of the MM size do not fit over the shoulder so it is a bit unconvenient for a tote. Also I don’t like that Negonda gets very soft over time and that the bottom sags. I wish they made more fjord or vache country GPs, as that leather is supposed to hold its shape better.

  • The canvas stains easy! I recommend spending the extra money to get leather. I spent $400 cleaning the canvas from normal wear & tear