Hermes Arrives at CityCenterDC

This week the Washington Post took a page from the NYT Style Section and published a story on the opening of the new Hermes boutique on April 29 in the nation’s capital at CityCenterDC. CityCenterDC is where all the fashion action is these days, with LV, Dior and Carolina Herrera boutiques opening in the next year. So much for the fiscal crisis!

But you won’t see any technology in this new store. As the writer of the story puts it eloquently, “Hermes traffics in slow fashion in an impatient, buy-it-off-the-runway, want-it-now culture. Babies are conceived and born in less time than it takes for a dedicated customer to acquire a Birkin handbag…” PurseBop wholeheartedly agrees, in fact Maura, frequent contributor to the blog, could’ve written that and no one would’ve batted an eye!

Hermes stands alone in modern retail, capable of maintaining the reverence and awe of a legion of loyal shoppers, no matter the item, no matter the price point. Who else would be able to pull off selling a monthly mystery box for $250 and making money off of the scraps of their labor??? The mystery box contains a Petite h that takes leftover fabric and pieces with slight imperfections and turns them into unique items that sit outside of a fashion season. They are offered through an email blast and have become very popular and are an ideal way to keep consumers’ attention.

Hermes is a “contrarian company” because it doesn’t bother itself with Twitter and enhanced websites and keeping up with social media trends. That’s PurseBop’s job anyway!

“Hermes is in a special place all to itself. They have coveted their rarity and they had to do it with all the temptations that a brand faces. They didn’t know which way things were going to go (in the luxury market), but they knew who they were.”

PurseBop couldn’t agree more!

Hermes is redefining luxury in an era of frivolity and false connectivity.

I was able to score a little souvenier for myself to satisfy yet more of my #AnemoneCraving, all instigated by the addition of Miss Boptalk… (Part I &  Part II)

 I shall REVEAL my treasure soon over on BopTalk… any guesses?

IMG_1534 (1) - Version 2

Till then I leave you drooling over this diamond pave CDC ????
and this thought to contemplate and discuss….


“Luxury” has been redefined — in Hermès’ favor — and it has nothing to do with price. “Expensive doesn’t equal luxury… Luxury equals rarity.”

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Love PurseBop

Published: May 30th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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  • for me expensive = luxury and rarity = luxury hahaha thanks for the post hun! I didn´t know the story behind the Petite H… after seeing its price and reading that it is made out of leftovers/ imperfect material I am even more sure that Hermes sure knows how to make money… excited to see what´s in your orange box :)