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I share @mrslulu3 ‘s CDC obsession on my wall… @mrslulu3 explains on BopTalk how she became Hermes obsessed. Click picture to read…

As Hermes lovers, the mere sight of a bag makes our hearts flutter. Even the iconic orange box gives us that exciting, inexplicable feeling. The special character and the essence of Hermes is not just rooted in their amazing products, but is also the result of a long, esteemed history.

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Hermes was first established in 1837 and specialized in making high-quality leather harnesses for horses. Since then, Hermes has expanded into even more divisions ranging from women’s fashion to home goods. Even with growth, the brand has stuck close to its roots –everything is about quality and customer experience. Jean-Louis Dumas, the head of the company until 2006, candidly quoted: “We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product.” The products are so well tailored and timeless that the appeal is never lost.

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This is especially true with the Hermes Collier de Chien (CDC) line. Collier de Chien literally translates to “dog collar”. In the 1920s, Parisian women liked to flaunt around the city with ensembles of big, protective dogs. In 1923, Hermes created leather dog collar with studded hardware for a client’s bulldog. The style spread and appealed to many fashion-savvy, Parisian women, so the dog collar became a permanent Hermes piece. The collars were so stylish to the point that fashion designers purchased them to wear as belts. Hermes picked up on the belt trend and introduced CDC belts in 1927. The hardware was so loved, and eventually inspired the Hermes CDC bracelet introduced in 1940. The Hermes CDC bracelet has become one of their iconic pieces of jewelry and an “it” accessory. With a variety of options between leather, exotics, different hardware, and diamonds, the CDC is a fashionista’s dream bracelet. The Hermes history and heritage can be proudly displayed on your arm!

For both our Hollywood and  Instagram celebrities, the CDC has become a staple fashion accessory… We pulled the fabulous CDC collections shared by our fashionistas on BopTalk for a little eye-candy… Collections start at $1350 for plain leather and nearly double for the exotics… and if your really feeling enthusiastic, Hermes can even arrange one in the six figures (one of those price upon request deals)!

And although it seems everyones sporting one, they’re actually not that easy to come by, trust me… I still have a few exotics on my wish list! And that’s not even mentioning the newly released Rose Gold (RGHW) versions.


@swedishandstylish shares her CDC obsession on BopTalk


@cosmomd13 shares her CDC obsession BopTalk


@leorangebliss shares “Falling In Love With Hermes” on BopTalk


BopTalk Celebrity @leorangebliss shares the new RGHW version top left.

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Hermes collector @hsixx shares his diamond pieces on BopTalk

@stylishsheba shares her CDC obsession on BopTalk

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Published: June 18th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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3 Responses to “Hermes CDC: The “IT” Accessory…”

  • those CDCs definitely are gorgeous . . . but are they comfortable to wear? and can you sport more than one at a time? I wear two kelly doubles but they are much smaller.

  • Once you get the hang of them, I think they are fine, as long as you’re not wearing them while at work if you have a desk job/on the computer/typing a lot… And yes I have worn 2 at once (on the same wrist), it is definitely a statement piece!

  • Thank you so much for featuring me among all fabulous fashionistas! CDC is my favorite h accessory for sure. I have few on my wish list as well!