An Hermès Unicorn Makes its Debut

With the New Year come new year resolutions, and in the world of Hermès that can only mean one thing: What bag(s) should I add to my collection in 2019? 

Although typically a Birkin gal, lately, I’ve been bitten by the Kelly bug. So, when I came home from the holidays I began evaluating my Kelly collection–a mini Kelly in rose azalee and a Kelly cut in blue agate–to plan for my next bag. Yep…definitely need to add a Kelly. After all, good things come in three, right? Plus, the two Kelly versions I have are more evening-type bags so a more casual, everyday bag would be a perfect addition. And, since both of my current Kellys are in pops of color, there is definitely room for a Hermès neutral. How good am I at rationalizing a next bag purchase?

the Kelly collection of @dailyloves

It was like my SA read my mind (I am convinced we are connected telepathically). The next day, I got a text from my Hermès fairy, as I’ve begun to call my SA (after reading this article you will partly see why). I could not believe what I was reading. I was so confused. How could this be? Impossible…the bag she described was a true unicorn. I texted her to confirm the color. Yep, what she wrote was right. I then texted her to confirm the leather. Yep, also right. I had to see this for myself, so I went down to where dreams come true–my Hermès store.

We caught up for a bit, chatted about the holidays, and then off she went to a magical land to come back with that beautiful orange box we all love. As she took off the plastic and unveiled this beauty, I was blown away!

There she was…a true unicorn. I could not believe my eyes.

Meeting My Unicorn

Gris tourterelle? I had heard the rumors of this color coming back in limited quantities and read Pursebop’s latest reveal of her gorgeous new Birkin in gris tourterelle, but could it be true? Could my eyes be looking at this chameleon color in person for the very first time, and in chevre!?! Let me check this leather again. Yep, it is chevre.

Wait…how can it be chevre? I thought chevre was reserved for special orders (with the exception of small bags like clutches and the occasional mini Kellys). Of course, I had to investigate. Turns out that Hermès made a very limited quantity of Kellys in 28 and 25 in chevre, and it just so happens that my store purchased one of them. And in gris tourterelle no less! Pinch me now, please. If you are chevre-obsessed like me and are offered one of these rare bags, my advice? Take in and run! After paying of course – what kind of lawyer would I be without that disclaimer?

Back to gris tourterelle–it is such an interesting color and even more so in chevre. A true Hermès chameleon. Depending on the light, it can look gray, beige, light, dark. It is the perfect color for all seasons and truly goes with every and any outfit you can think of. Here are some pics of my new gris tourterelle Kelly in chevre with other Hermes grays in other leathers for comparison.

L to R: Gris Tourterelle, Gris Asphalt, Gris Mouette, Etain, Trench

Gris Tourterelle swatch in clemence

T: Gris Tourterelle in clemence B: Gris Asphalt in evercolor

L to R: Gris Tourterelle, Gris Asphalt, Gris Mouette, Etain, Trench

Compare against Gris Asphalt in Evercolor.

Compare against Trench in Togo.

Compare against Gris Tourterelle in Clemence.

It truly was a no brainer. This unicorn had to come home with me. Here she is next to one of my other unicorn, and probably my favorite Hermès Birkin: Barenia fauve with palladium hardware. Don’t they look like two peas in a pod?

Published: January 11th, 2019
Updated: March 22nd, 2019

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  • Thanks for this amazing and detailed article. I’m thinking about a 2424 mini and I saw one picture of a wonderful bag which to my opinion should be Gris Tourterelle (Evercolor) paired with a Gris … (Swift), I’d love to hear your opinion what colour it is to find the bag. Thanks