PurseBop’s Handbag Math Featured in the UK’s Daily Mail


Handbag Math is a hallmark of PurseBop and the community, it’s something we’ve been doing for years. Our most recent piece, How Much Does a Birkin Cost in Paris? – The Handbag Math, was just published as part of the Paris With PurseBop series. It focused on PurseBop’s mini-shopping spree, and we compared the cost of buying various bags in France versus buying them in the United States.

It turns out that our analysis caught the attention of the UK’s Daily Mail and they presented our analysis in full! Fun fact we thought we ought to share with our community of handbag math lovers.

Be sure to check out the original post and stay tuned for our next installment on VAT, customs and taxes!

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Published: May 30th, 2018
Updated: May 30th, 2018

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