THE RESULTS: Summing Up Our Bag Attitudes

Part 1: Quiz Time – What’s Your Bag Attitude?

Recently, we polled our community in a comprehensive quiz all about our “bag attitudes”.  PurseBop asked many questions like “how well do you take care of your bags?“, “how many bags do you own?“, and “what’s your holy grail bag?” in order to truly understand how we all feel about handbags and our various shopping habits. These quizzes are meant to be fun and engaging, and most of all, they help tell a story about the many different types of fashionistas in our community. We spend a lot of time on social media admiring pictures of each other’s bags, but pictures don’t fully explain why we buy certain bags to express our style or to fulfill certain needs and wants.

Today, we’re going to look at the results from the bag attitude quiz. Take the analysis lightheartedly and see where you compare and contrast with the community consensus!

Now onto the results…

Question #1 – Bag Care

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PurseBop Asked: How cautious are you about taking care of your bag?

Analysis: Most of us are pretty protective of our bags. Compared to the average accessory buyer or handbag carrier, most of us here would take the extra pre-caution to make sure our bags stay as clean and undamaged as possible. This is mostly likely because many of us see handbags as THE most important accessory to our look or even part of our look period. We invest a lot of energy and resources into buying great bags, so once they are in our possession, of course we’ll take care of them to the best of our abilities!

Question #2 – Color

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PurseBop Asked: What is the overall color palette of your collection?

Analysis:  Many of our voters like experimenting with color, but neutrals still make up the majority share of most collections. It’s hard to resist a bright, fun bag, but often times it’s harder to match bold colors to outfits and these bags might get less use. Neutrals are king because of their versatility.

Question #3 – Type

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PurseBop Asked: What type of bag do you own the most of?

Analysis: As expected, traditional handbags make up the majority of most people’s collections. This is also the broadest category that encompasses more types of bags, which is basically anything that doesn’t cross into luggage or tote territory. It is also important to note that many voters own more totes than handbags. Totes are one of the most functional type of bags. Many people who travel a lot, work, or attend school probably have more totes at their disposal.

Question #4 – Carrying Method


PurseBop Asked: How do you like to carry your bag?

Analysis: How you can carry a bag depends mostly on how the bag is made to be carried in the first place. The results on the bag carrying method question are pretty diverse, which proves that what is considered comfortable can vary greatly from person to person. Over the shoulder received the most votes probably because most handbags have long enough straps to accommodate this position, and it is easy access. In the crook of the elbow was another popular option probably because of ease. Crossbody with the bag positioned in the front of the body might be more popular than back of the body because the bag is more secure and easier to watch over.

Question #5 – What’s in Your Bag?

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PurseBop Asked: How full is your bag usually (in everyday not travel situations)?

Analysis: We overpack (but only a little). Most of us probably make a considerate effort to keep our bags light and organized, so we can find what we need, when we need it. But when shopping, you end up acquiring little pieces of “junk” like receipts and papers that usually end staying in our bags until we switch over to the next one.

Question #6 – Most Important Feature

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PurseBop Asked: What feature is most important to you in a bag?

Analysis: Interestingly, this question produced the most divided results. This essentially tells us that we all really value different things in a bag. Some of us may buy a bag because we know we’ll wear it everyday. Some of us may buy a bag because it’ll be the perfect accent with xyz outfit. Some of us may buy a bag because we want more Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, or xyz brand in our collection. The fact that style scored the highest percentage still proves that the pure “look” of a handbag is important. Purpose, price, and brand may be factors, but many of us fall in love with a bag because of its aesthetic.

Question #7 – Holy Grail Bag

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PurseBop Asked: What would you most likely choose as your Holy Grail Bag?

Analysis: While this question was not open-ended and had limited options, if voters free-formed typed in what their Holy Grail Bag would be, the highest response would probably be the Hermes Birkin. The Birkin bag has achieved royal status in the handbag world. PurseBop even detailed why the Birkin is the ultimate holy grail bag. While it is true not everyone wants a Birkin or even likes the Birkin, this bag has a type of appeal and power like no other bag.

Question #8 – Number of Bags

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PurseBop Asked: How many bags do you in own total? Estimates are okay!

Analysis: Even the reaction to the question “how many bags do you own?” can bring about various responses. Some people are even too fearful to think about the number of bags in their collection – you can live in denial about your bag addiction…right?? Others would be quick to respond with a reasonable number like under 10 because they value a minimalist collection. Considering the fact that most of us are handbag obsessed, a majority of the voters had collections with over 10 bags. An “appropriate” number of bags to own will always be a topic of debate.

Question #9 – Brands

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PurseBop Asked: 
See our Luxury Hierarchy to get an idea of what brands fall into each tier!

Analysis: As we established in the most important feature question, brand is not everything but can be a huge factor in the bag buying process. Most of our voters said they purchased bags in the ultra, premium, and core luxury tiers. A majority of our voters are probably striving for higher tiers when it comes to handbag buying because bags are a top favorite and priority for them compared to other accessories.  If you value bags and decide they are your “thing”, it may be important to seek out higher quality and more special pieces from higher tiers.

Question #10 – Most Expensive Bag

PurseBop Asked: How much was the most expensive bag you ever bought? How much are willing to spend on a bag in general?

Analysis: The maximum limit of what you’re willing to spend on a bag may have a lot to do with budget concerns and priorities. The majority of the votes were in the $1,000 to $3,000 range and $5,000 to $10,000 range, which corresponds to the price tags of bags found in the ultra, premium, and core luxury brands in the question above. Price can be a very personal matter, and everyone probably gets sticker shock now and then. However, if you love bags, you may be willing to save more and justify the higher price tag.

Hopefully you enjoyed our bag attitude quiz. How did your results compare to other fashionistas’? Be sure to look out for future polls, we love finding out all the little different ways each of us express our love for handbags!

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Published: June 18th, 2016
Updated: June 24th, 2016

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  • Thank you for doing such a detailed work, you are the best ???????? a reminder, right now unfortunately I can’t afford a Chanel or even less a Birkin, hopefully soon or later I will……so the answers are not necessarily what I would choose…