Hermes Prices 2015

Chapter 9: Hermes in St. Tropez ~ Part 1

PurseBop walks you through her decision process of shopping for a Birkin in St. Tropez. Continued coverage of the #PurseBopsinFRANCE series…

PurseBop’s Indian Hermes Surprise – Take Two

There’s some Hermes excitement in the air, PurseBop reports live from Delhi & Mumbai…

Hermes from Exotic India

One of my favorite shopping stops in New Delhi is the Hermes

Hermes Gives Money Back!

Hermes adjusts prices – I got my credit!

Hermes Reduces Accessory Prices in US

NEWS: Hermes decreases prices, YES… You read it right, DECREASES!

Handbag Math??

Maura does the math. Is it really cheaper to buy an Hermes Kelly over a Chanel Classic?

Hermes in the Global Economy

Maybe we should start buying our Hermes in Paris??

Hermes Declines to Follow Chanel’s Lead

Hermes announces it’s stance on the price increase for it’s European customers.


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