The Diorever Debuts BIG – See it in Action!

New bags come on the scene frequently, but the Diorever is picking up attention in monumental way.

The Diorever entered the public eye with a little bit of scrutiny for a being a “Birkin Copycat” (Read our discussion on handbag originality HERE). Now, it’s more than clear that the Diorever can hold its own: as a celebrity favorite, tote bag essential, and a possible up-and-coming “it” bag.  Jennifer Lawrence helped launched the new Diorever campaign, and our other favorite face of Dior, Rihanna, has been toting the bag on all her worldly adventures. The Diorever simply had PurseBop mesmerized at first glance, and I quickly swiped up one for my personal collection.

The metallic silver and gold Diorevers are serious stunners, but the more neutral versions stand out beautifully as well. If you can’t seem to form an opinion on this bag yet, see the Diorever in action below!


Kendall Jenner

Chiara Ferragni

Miroslava Duma

Riley Keough

Anne Sinclair

Elena Perminova

Street Style


Photo Courtesy: Notey


Photo Courtesy: StephanieLee199


Photo Courtesy: Savior Flair


Photo Courtesy: Fashion Sohu

We were also pleased to see how well-received the Diorever was with our instagram community. Your reveals and comparison shots have fueled our Diorever obsession and been helpful points of reference.

Instagram Eye Candy

FullSizeRender 27


FullSizeRender 32


FullSizeRender 30


FullSizeRender 28




FullSizeRender 34


FullSizeRender 31


FullSizeRender 29



From @PurseBop’s Diorever Reveal and Review. Read more details on my take HERE!

Published: April 6th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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1 Responses to “The Diorever Debuts BIG – See it in Action!”

  • Love love love this bag! I got the gold medium, but am now kind of wishing it was silver. These photos of the silver are fabulous.