3 Killer Handbags Fit for a Mob Wife

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Another day, another TikTok trend taking over social media. This time, it’s “Mob Wife Style.” Think big, think bold, and definitely think luxury. Oversized fur coats, silver and gold metallics, big sunnies, and an overdose of animal print are heading toward your social media feeds right now.

Sharon Stone in Casino. Image courtesy: Vogue

While rooted in the glamorous portrayals of mob wives on film, like Sharon Stone in Casino, Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, or Lymari Nadal in American Gangster, the mob wife look is really more than just a trend. It captures the imagination, offering a glimpse into a world of extravagance, power and giving zero Fs. Hot on the (spiked) heels of the new Netflix series Griselda, we shouldn’t be surprised at the resurgence of this style. 

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface campaign photo. Image courtesy: Pinterest

Mob Wife Style Handbags

A real mob wife outfit isn’t complete without a handbag that screams confidence. And money. When it comes to size, go big or go home. Mob wives don’t do minis. They opt for large, structured bags. We’ll leave to your imagination what’s inside. 

Here are a few bag suggestions to complete your trendy look.

Hermès Birkin

Heading the style game is the Hermès Birkin – a status symbol in itself. It’s a declaration, saying, “Yeah, we made it and we mean business.” But not just any Birkin will do. The shiny crocodile Birkin 30 in black is the true boss babe bag. Hard to get and oh-so-expensive, it’s the one the other wives will admire. 

Victoria Beckham with a croc Birkin

Chanel Jumbo Flap

But the exclusive collection doesn’t stop there. Enter the Chanel Classic Flap bag – a would-be staple in her closet. It’s big and bold and overtly recognizable. Fitting in the mafia first lady closet would be a Jumbo Classic Flap in Black or perhaps a Jumbo Classic in Red Patent Leather.

But the one to take the look over the top is the mink flap PurseBop owns. You’ve got your fur and the bag…  just grab the sunglasses.

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Image courtesy @pursebop

Kris Jenner sporting a Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag.

Gucci Horsebit in Medium Canvas

An edgier and less obvious choice could be the Gucci Horsebit in Medium Canvas. Bold branding, logo large, there’s nothing subtle about this one. Picture a mob wife with this bag slung over her shoulder, getting down to business.

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The mob wife look requires a killer handbag that really slays. Which bag would you choose?

Mob Wife Aesthetic

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Lady Gaga on House of Gucci set

Lady Gaga on House of Gucci set

PurseBop XO

Published: February 1st, 2024
Updated: February 1st, 2024

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  • And then there are us silly working fools, who toil for the good of self, family, and others, dummies who pay their taxes, have some leftover to feed and clothe those who depend on us, who own what we can afford, which doesn’t come at direct and often violent cost to others…
    I love the movies referenced! But yet more of this glorification? I’m trying to dig it but don’t.