6 Rare Hermès Bag Offers to Dream of This Winter

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The holidays are quickly approaching and while you plan gift shopping for others, have you considered: what’s on your Hermès wishlist? If you’re dreaming of something really special and extraordinary, this may be the season. Hermès has created a number of new(ish) highly coveted but extremely rare stunning bags.

Birkin 20 Sellier

Birkin 20 spotted during Paris Fashion Week.

Small and structured, the new Birkin 20 Sellier recently emerged on the arms of a few lucky Hermès lovers. Like the Birkin Faubourg, it measures a petite 20 cm across.

So far the Birkin 20 has been produced in Gold, Vert d’ Eau, Gris Perle, and Noir lizard. There also have been sightings of the bag in matte crocodile and alligator. Word is that select boutiques may receive this as a push offer.

Will you be adding this extremely rare and highly coveted tiny beauty to your wishlist this season?


Move Over Mini Kelly, The Birkin 20 Is Here

photo courtesy @my__anastasiya

Teddy Mini Kelly 20

Gold/Fauve Grizzly Suede Mini Kelly 20. Image courtesy @stellaw2021.

Gold/Fauve Grizzly Suede Mini Kelly 20. Image courtesy @stellaw2021.

The teddy is back! Originally designed by Jean Paul Gaultier in 2005 in larger sizes like the 32 and 35, the new Mini Kelly Teddy has all shearling lovers in a frenzy.

Unlike the original design, the Teddy Mini Kelly is made from Grizzly Suede rather than Doblis Suede which adds to its plushy feel.

Since it is a limited edition piece, only a lucky few Hermès lovers will be able to cuddle up with this cutie.



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Etoupe/Gris Caillou Grizzly Suede Mini Kelly 20 on display at Hermes FSH in Paris

Ombre Mini Kelly II

photo courtesy @bryanboy

Mini Kellys continue to top the wishlists of many Hermès afficionados. But one version in particular is ultra-special: the extremely rare Ombre lizard mini Kelly. Of course, Ombre lizard is one of the most highly sought after and rare exotic skins produced by Hermès in any bag style. Used in a petite 20cm mini Kelly, and well, just, wow. It’s a fabulous combination.


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Birkin 30 Sellier Désordre

photo courtesy @sloaniechic

The unusual looking Birkin 30 Sellier Désordre is quite rare but has recently emerged on the arms of a few of our community members.

First seen in Paris during the Fall/Winter 2022 new bag releases after the spring runway show, it was a real showstopper. Although this bag did not walk the runway, it was shown at the re-sees with its Kelly en Désordre counterpart.

The Birkin 30 Sellier Désordre has a half flap set on the diagonal and an exterior pocket both in swift leather. The body of this unique design is in togo leather. We have seen it in both gold and noir.

A Birkin 30 with a contemporary and edgy design is another way Hermès keeps their new bag designs fresh and unexpected. the retail price in the U.S. is $15,900 plus tax.


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photo courtesy @stellaw2021

Mini Bolide on Wheels

photo courtesy @pursebop

You’ll be rolling in style with this one. The Mini Bolide on Wheels is a playful twist on the original mini Bolide. Produced in Epsom leather with wheels in a contrasting color, the bag is a limited edition collector’s piece. It was originally believed to be a novelty runway bag. However, it is being produced and offered to special clients such as our beloved PurseBop.

In the United States, the Mini Bolide on Wheels will set you back $15,900 plus tax. A special collector’s piece for sure, it has a price tag to match. But a handbag that can travel on its own wheels is sure to be a conversation starter at your next event.


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photo courtesy @fnch310

Mini Kelly Picto Doll

photo courtesy @chariceee

Like to play with your bags? Literally. The Quelle Idole Picto Kelly Doll is a limited edition Hermès bag first introduced in the Hermès Spring/Summer 2022 collection. It is a playful and quirky looking doll with a two eyes, a crooked smile, two movable arms, and two feet, all in contrasting colors. This bag includes a removable shoulder strap and detachable pouch (or perhaps you’d like to think of it as the doll’s own backpack).

The bag comes in several different color ways pairing 3 colors on the front and a contrasting pouch. We have seen it in Vert Fizz, Nata, Chai, and Mauve Sylvestre.

photo courtesy @rinyks

Have we tempted you to submit a new Hermès holiday wishlist? Share your bag offers with us. We love seeing the bags our community members score during the holidays.

photo courtesy @Angela BB (Red)

Tell us, which of this rare bags will be the subject of your dreams?

Love, PurseBop


Published: November 18th, 2023
Updated: November 28th, 2023

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