15 Birkins You Can Still Snag Before Christmas

Oh, Hermès Birkin. The handbag to end all handbags. The Holy Grail, or HGB, if you please. As one of the most famous and famed handbags, the Birkin benefits from an immense legacy. Created by a brand with roots in equestrian wear and leather craftsmanship, it is a direct product of artisan perfection and rich French history (Read: Hermès 101: Origins, Equestrians, and Artistocrats).

In addition, the inspiration for the name ties directly to the mystique of celebrity and the power of a fashionable woman through the eponymous Jane Birkin (Read: Birkin: A True Legend).  No wonder the bag is both star and feature of many a movie and television show. (Read: Hermès Movie Magic: When Birkins and Kellys Steal the Show)

So what makes a Birkin a Birkin – beyond the lore and the lure? It’s a very specific design. Rectangular flap style, with two handles and four feet (aka clou), the style is define by the plaque straps (called sangles) and clasp, and, of course the clochette and lock. (Read: Poll: Do You Use the Clochette on Birkins and Kellys). Although it has inspired many a designer bag, there’s really nothing like the real thing.

Below, 15 true Birkins available for you to purchase now and receive in time for Christmas.

Published: November 2nd, 2020
Updated: December 22nd, 2020

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