A Close-Up Interview with The New Hermès Kelly Wallet To Go

Finally! Meet the New Hermès Kelly to Go Wallet. What’s that you wonder? It’s the new and anticipated Hermès wallet on a strap.  If you have not already, read: Hermès Gets Into the WOC Game, Finally

Of course, the concept of a wallet on a chain (WOC) or strap is nothing new. Read: Why the WOC Will Never Go Out of StyleChanel’s multiple WOC versions – including classic, reissues and boys – are some of its most popular accessories. Saint Laurent also is known for its version.

Hermès, however, was a little late to this game. Of course, many Kelly (or Constance) wallet owners gerry-rig their own with a farandole chain or a scarf. And there is the Clic 16 wallet and even the Cinhetic To Go wallet. But the uber-popular Kelly and Constance wallets remained strapless until now.

We present a Kelly Classique To Go Wallet in rouge casaque with gold hardware.

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Features and Size Comparison

In creating the Kelly Classique To Go Wallet, Hermès did not recreate the wheel. It certainly didn’t need to as the Kelly wallet is an established classic. These two accessories are largely, though not exactly the same, besides the strap. Both measure 7.8″ long x 4.5″ high x 0.6″ deep and boast the Kelly style lock. The zipper pulls resemble the Hermès lock.

However, they are not identical. The To Go Wallet interior has four credit card slots, two sections, and a zippered coin purse. The regular Kelly wallet is in fact more of a wallet with 12 credit card slots, as well as the two sections and the zippered coin purse.

Most important is the price difference. The regular wallet retails at $3550 and the Wallet To Go is $4175. In other words, the leather strap costs $625.

So let’s talk about that strap. It comes in matching leather and hardware to the wallet. To attach it to the wallet interior, you slide the strap through the two loops and snap the strap onto the gold stud. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but it is a tight snap requiring some pressure. Although the strap is removable we suspect the design is intended for sustained strap use rather than constant on and off.

The strap length is fairly generous. As discussed in more detail below, it is about 10″ longer than the strap provided for the mini Kelly.

What fits inside? Not that much but perhaps just enough! Of course a couple of credit cards, or drivers license and some cash will make the cut. And, naturally, a mask. Maybe even rubber gloves. An iPhone 11plus (the largest current model) fits with a thin case. However, you’ll have to choose between that phone and a car fob/lipstick combo. On the plus side, the wallet holds a U.S. Passport and boarding pass, making it a great option for hands-free air travel (when when that’s a safe and realistic possibility).

Comparing the Kelly Wallet to Go to the Mini Kelly

Let’s look at the Kelly To  Go Wallet vis-a-vis the Mini Kelly. Both are petite Kelly styles, with removable thin straps. For most people, the Mini Kelly strap cannot be used cross body. The To Go Wallet strap is about 10″ longer and will permit more (though not all) to sling it across the torso. It might even accommodate a winter coat, which the Mini Kelly strap cannot. In the photos, our model is about 5’2″ and a size 4, to give you a visual perspective.

Beyond the difference in price (the Mini Kelly sells for around $7800), it appears the To Go Wallet will also be more available. It appears on the Hermès U.S. website, although it is sold out at the moment. Trust us, you’ll never find the Mini Kelly online . . . it’s tough enough to find in store!

To make it easier for you, look at our model sporting both the Kelly To Go Wallet and the Mini Kelly crossbody. Notice how the Wallet hangs lower on her body, closer to her hip than waist.

Below you’ll get a sense of how much wider the Wallet is than the Mini Kelly. It’s an elongated east-west shape, with less depth at its base. Another way of looking at it, is that the Wallet hugs the body closer. On the other hand, a Mini Kelly is just that . . . an actual miniature Kelly with a handle. It just doesn’t fit much (including that iPhone).

This Kelly Classique To Go Wallet will surely be a popular addition to the Hermès lineup. At least until the expected Constance To Go Wallet is released lol.

What do you think? Is there a place in your bag collection for the Kelly Classique To Go Wallet? Are you waiting for the Constance To Go Wallet? Or is the Mini Kelly really your style?

Published: July 4th, 2020
Updated: July 6th, 2020

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