Announcing Hermès Paris Winter Sale 2018 Dates

Article Update: January 10th

Anticipating the Hermès sale dates has become somewhat of a ritual in the PurseBop community. Even well before the summer ends, fashionistas are brimming with excitement to find out the dates for the Hermès Winter sale in Paris that happens annually in January. We’ve been getting many inquiries via social media and BopTalk. The excitement is well warranted as H items rarely go on sale, and the discounts you can find during these sales are pretty incredible.
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PurseBop reports the sale dates and venue details as soon as they are released. In the past, our sales coverage has even included tips and tricks for shopping and detailed hauls to show you what kinds of goods are available. Now, to the information you’ve all been waiting for…

The confirmed sale date for the Hermès Paris Winter 2018 sale is Wednesday, January 10th. The sale will be hosted at the Le Palais de Congress Paris.


I had the privilege of attending the Paris Winter sale for the very first time back in 2016. Before this trip, I had no idea what to expect and, I was really flying by the seed of my pants. While the sale was exhilarating, I was a bit overwhelmed and felt like I was going in blind. I decided to make a full guide about the process of the sale to inform our readers about what to expect, what to do, and what to bring.

You can read my overview of the Winter Sale here: Hermès On Sale?


Photo Courtesy of @theonlycatherine

Luckily, the first time was a success! My girlfriends and I brought back huge hauls from the winter sale. Again, to give you a taste of the type of items that might be available, we compiled our stories along with prices and more tips.

See what we brought back from the sale:  Hermès Sale Goodies


Hermès shawl and cashmere mens scarf are sale items.

Remember, if you can’t make the winter sale, Hermès hosts sales in Paris bi-annually. The first sale occurs in the winter, usually in January, and the other sale occurs in the summer, usually in July. Other cities host sales throughout the year as well.

It’s important to keep H sale dates on your radar, especially if you’re flying in from abroad. A fair amount of planning and patience is needed to execute the Hermès sale in a successful manner. If you ever have questions, PurseBop is your ultimate reference!

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Do you plan on attending the Hermès sale in January? What items are you hoping to snag? Join the conversation on BopTalk and share!

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Published: September 23rd, 2017
Updated: January 10th, 2018

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20 Responses to “Announcing Hermès Paris Winter Sale 2018 Dates”

  • Help!!how to get in!?? Do I need a ticket or just wait in line before opening??? Thank you in advance!!

  • you just need to stay in the line. Last year I arrived at 8.30 and managed to get in at 12.30 (they start letting people in at 10:00)

  • Whoever is going 10th let me know, I just got my ticket to Paris for this matter, would be great to stay in a 4 hour line not alone :D

  • Hi
    Thank you so much for sharing this info. So the date in 2018 is exactly on Jan 10th?! Really want to go to Paris!! How can we know this event in the feature?? And do you also know where and when Hermes sample sale in San Francisco? Thank you

  • Hi Alyona, I’m new on this thread…I was doing some research about H sale in Paris and stumbled on this blog. I hope to see you there, my sis & I are good to go for this fun trip…we are flying in from L.A. on Monday, arriving in Paris on Tuesday. This is our first time! And many thanks to the PurseBop ladies for sharing their many tips and experience, helped us a lot in alleviating our apprehension. We are planning to be in line around 5 or 6am? Please tell us if that’s a good time? :)

  • Hey Lynn! Well you girls will enjoy! I hope jet leg won’t hit you hard :)
    I guess if you are in the line that early, you might get in to a very beginning of the it! Still you would have to wait till 10AM for them to start letting people in, but I think it is worth the struggle. My train from Luxembourg arrives at 08.20 AM, so I will get to Palais around 08.50… Save me a spot!! :D

  • Hey i will be joining this sale would love to meet some fellow H lovers. My train arrives in from London around 10 so hopefully i miss a queue.

  • Queue will be here most likely wntire day. I am already here and it seems like there is a thousand people more:)

  • Yeah. it’s almost 10 and I’m still miles away from the entrance with lots of people behind me; and I got here at 8…

  • I live in Paris and I am trying to figure out what the hours are for the sale and if it will continue through Saturday? Last year I went on Friday.

  • Did you ladies get there that early? And was Palais du Congrès open that early? Just curious for future planning :)

  • I think everyone will agree that is was a torture. 8,5 hours in line!!!! Oh my god!!!! I almost lost it at the end…

  • I was faint from hunger by the end. Folks said that last year the sale was four (?) days so the wait to get in was much shorter.

  • Last year sale continued for 3 days. This year they decided to “experiment “ and have 2 days only. Well I think they failed brutally. I only had one hour to grab scarves and ties and had to run back to my train that was departing at 19:40. What a shame! Did not even have a chance to check out the jewelry ( as there was also a big line). Anyway. Ladies next sale is 27&28Jun. And i can only hope that they will decide to extend it one more day.