The Best Handbag Investments of 2021

“Is it an investment?”
A question we often ponder upon while purchasing our favorite accessory – a handbag.

So when does a handbag qualify as an investment?
For most, the answer lies in the response to the question, “Do I see myself carrying this bag ten, fifteen or twenty years down the line?”

The style of the bag, longevity, and resale value all are factors in calculating the answer to this question. Too trendy, and the bag may not make the cut as an investment. Too low on utility, and you may have the same issue.

Investment grade bags tend to score high on the trifecta of factors – brand value, utility, and style – that deem them as assets. The question thus arises, which are the bags that actually qualify as investment pieces this year.

Top investment bags 2021

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Don’t worry. As always, PurseBop has your answers!

Presenting the 10 Handbag Investments that rule 2021:

Birkin 30

Of course, the Holy Grail Bag would be at the top of this (and every other handbag) list. Apart from being reckoned the most coveted luxury handbag by the iconic fashion house of Hermès, these bags also offer fabulous financial returns. But that’s not the only reason they make this list!

investment bags 2021

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The Birkin 30, hasn’t seen a day in its fashionable lifespan, where it isn’t considered the epitome of style. But it tops the list this year because of its size. This is particularly surprising since micro bags remain hot! It seems that the fashion conscious are taking a more utilitarian swing this year and selecting bags that are more practical and with greater capacity. The Birkin 30 can hold all your daily essentials and more.

Yet, this mid-sized Birkin satisfies those who find the original – B35 – too cumbersome or heavy. A perfect all-day bag, this classic truly marks its presence with its versatile proportions that can be carried by a petite or broad, tall or short person. Furthermore, its handle drop makes it super easy to carry around!

Kelly 28

The Kelly 28 is yet another masterpiece courtesy of brand orange. Like its Birkin sister, this one enjoys a loyal patronage of its own and never goes out of style. Making the cut as a top investment piece this year, the Kelly 28 is a structural beauty that can carry everything to see you through the day. Contrast this with  its smaller counterparts, that offer restricted space only. Moreover, the Kelly 28’s dimensions actually work for all (or almost all) body types and sizes. With the included shoulder strap, you can even go hands-free.

investment bags 2021

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Chanel Medium Classic Flap

Arguably Chanel’s most versatile bag, the Medium Classic Flap makes this year’s list for several reasons. With an evergreen design and function that attracts new and long-devoted handbag enthusiasts, this handbag practically defines classic. It is the perfect size for day to evening to night. Able to accommodate your daily requirements, it still always manages to look chic and elegant. What’s more is that Chanel continues to release this beauty in an array of delicious colors. But, be prepared to act fast. These beauties literally fly off the shelves as soon as they land! And if you’ve been saving up . . . well, Chanel just moved the financial goalpost again – a 52% increase in two years!

investment bags 2021

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Hermès Mini Kelly 20

We just had to include the hottest tiny bag around – the Hermès Mini Kelly 20. With small bags still enjoying their moment in the sun, this minimized version of the absolute classic is pretty much at the top of the proverbial heap. The perfect evening bag, it can house no more than lipstick, cards and cash. But really, when you’re this stylish, what more do you need for a fun night out, anyway? You can carry it by top handle, or you can add the strap and comfortably sling it off your shoulder.

investment bags 2021

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LV On The Go Tote

This high on utility bag proudly carries the brand’s logo in bold. Though rather new to the handbag scene, the On The Go Tote has gained quite a fan following given the available striking prints. It gains points for its high functionality (no kidding, you can pack up your life in it!) and the myriad of color options. The relatively low-to-no maintenance requirements make this bag ideal for daily use (especially in its canvas version). Able to be carried by the top handle or with its shoulder strap, this bag is functional and über comfortable as well.

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The LV Multi-Pochette

We’ve all heard about the endless waitlist for this high on utility and style bag. And for good reason. The LV Multi Pochette is a multi-bag crossbody whose three different bags can be detached and used separately. So in effect, what you have is three-bags-in-one: a small size shoulder bag with a metal chain, a coin purse, and a cross-body sling bag! The “My LV World Tour” version of this bag also allows the pouches to be customized with initials and cute graphics. So successful was the launch and acceptance of the canvas version of this bag that Louis Vuitton didn’t waste a moment in quickly introducing a leather model.

investment bags 2021

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A close second to the LV Multi Pochette is the Prada Multi Pochette that has two (as opposed to the three of LV’s) bags. The bag proudly carries the brand’s iconic triangle insignia and is made of nylon, a material most often associated with Prada.

Dior Book Tote

This is one of the most successful launches by the house of Dior under the reign of Maria Grazia Chiuri. The Dior Book Tote originally launched in 2018 and was an immediate sell-out (just check Instagram’s fashionable influencers and celebrities for proof). Every season since Dior flaunts the bag in patterns matching its RTW. Moreover, you’re no longer limited to the large rectangle.

The Book Tote now comes in multiple sizes and even shapes. Despite the options, the original size remains the fan favorite. The highly structured bag can fit just about anything to take you through the whole day with ease. With the customization of names or initials across the bag, this tote is a favorite among handbag lovers. Further adding to the allure of the Book Tote are the limited edition pieces launched every now and then by the brand.

Chanel 19

The bag that redefined casual elegance in 2019, the Chanel 19 quickly climbed the ranks to be regarded as the newest “classic” by the mega fashion house. Yes, it features several Chanel staple ‘codes’ like the diamond quilting and the CC insignia. But it’s the trio of chains that is the most striking feature of the Chanel 19; silver, aged gold and ruthenium-finish metals form the chunky shoulder chain and handle of this pretty bag. Its size is perfect to take you from day to night looking casually stylish round the clock.

investment bags 2021

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The Lady Dior and Lady D – Lite

The house’s most iconic handbag, the Lady Dior, was first launched in 1995 with the nick name Chouchou, but was soon officially re-named after Lady Diana. Crafted using 140 pieces of material, this intricate beauty is the brand’s most sought after arm candy. Although the bag comes in small, medium, large, and the more recently launched micro mini sizes, it is the medium that makes it to the list this year. The bag easily houses your daily essentials and looks effortlessly elegant as a day to evening bag.

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Recently the Lady Dior was launched in a never-seen-before sporty avatar, as a part of Dior’s S/S 2020 collection. The Lady D-Lite is crafted using canvas as opposed to the traditional leather used to make the Lady Dior. The D-Lite comes embroidered with the brand’s logo and can be paired with embroidered straps to carry as a crossbody bag. The casual chicness of the bag makes it an incredibly versatile bag that you can easily carry from day to night.

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Prada Crystal Re-edition 2000

This blingy beauty is a celebrity favorite and Monika’s too! Prada’s gorgeous bag is encrusted with hundreds of sparkling crystals that are bound to make you the centre of everyone’s attention! The bag’s shape resembles the brand’s famous nylon pochette but is crafted in luxurious satin. The limited availability of the bag makes it all the more attractive. Slightly larger than a mini Kelly, this bag is ideal for a night out!

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Stylish, functional and value for money, these bags are all that and so much more! How many of these stunners are in your closet? Or on your wishlist?

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Published: November 28th, 2021
Updated: December 6th, 2021

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