Hermès Kellys We Spotted in Action on Rodeo Drive


Keeping Up With The Kellys

(L-R back row) Kelly 25 Sellier SO Anemone, Kelly 28 Retourne Bleu Frida, Birkin 25 Rose Sakura, Kelly 25 Sellier Rouge Vif; (L-R front row) 2 Chanel 22s Mini Purple Hearts, Constance 18 Noir

In Part 2 of our stroll down Rodeo Drive we scout out the Hermès Kelly. If there was a Kelly on Rodeo Drive, you know we captured it, whether Mini Kelly, Kelly 25, 28, 32, or 35.

Be sure to notice how these fashionistas complement their Kellys –  the accessories, jewelry and ensembles. Style lessons are everywhere. There are so many variations on how to carry a Kelly – on the shoulder, by the top handle, flap open, flap closed, sangles tucked underneath and on top of the flap. The possibilities are practically endless.

Ostrich Mini Kelly Gris Ashphalte

Hermès’s iconic Kelly will always be described as classic, elegant, and a symbol of grace. As is the name’s inspiration, Grace Kelly. When Princess Grace used the bag to hide a pregnancy, the style was renamed in her honor.

Although the Birkin is more widely known and recognized, the under-the-radar Kelly can be more difficult to obtain. For many Hermès aficionados, it is the preferred handbag. After all, it predates the Birkin by decades. You might even consider it the original holy grail bag.

What makes the Kelly so beloved? Perhaps it’s the graceful elegance of the style. Or it’s the hands free option and versatility. Available in seven sizes and an artist’s palette of colors, there is a style, size and color for every occasion. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt this handbag is special.

A very special lunch date. (L-R) K25 Sellier, B25, K28, K25

The Ongoing Debate: Kelly Sellier or Kelly Retourne?

Kelly 25 Retourne Rose Azalee, (left) and  Kelly 25 Sellier Rose Confetti (right)

As if size and color options were not enough variation, informed Hermès shoppers know there are two Kelly styles, Sellier and Retourne. The difference is commonly referred to as more structured and less structured and often depends upon the leather.

Clearly, both are timeless, chic, and classic. There is no wrong choice. In fact, most Hermès lovers say they cannot choose and own both. 

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Kelly 25 Sellier Noir/Gris Perle Special Order (left), Kelly 25 Retourne Bleu Zanzibar (right)

These shopping best friends (pictured below) exemplify the variety available to Kelly lovers. Although they differ in their choice of Kelly style, they agree that the color Gold is one of the most popular colors for a reason.

Our fashionista on the left holds a Kelly 28 Sellier in Gold with gold hardware. She prefers to carry it in the crook of her arm, flap closed, sangles underneath. Her bestie sports a Gold Kelly 25 Retourne with palladium hardware. She carries hers handsfree and crossbody using the shoulder strap, flap closed, sangles secured.

Both are dressed to reflect the more ladylike and formal nature of the Kelly. And they are accessorized to the Kelly max: Kelly belt, Kelly lock wedge sandals, and Double Tour leather bracelet. 

The Kelly Retourne

Oh, what a dilemma: how to choose between the Kelly Retourne and Sellier styles. The reality is many Kelly owners don’t choose at all. There is a place in most collections for both, even if you’re devoutly addicted to one or the other. 

Describing the Retourne only as ‘less structured’ doesn’t quite do it justice. Generally fabricated in softer leather, the Retourne bag has a more casual and relaxed look. A ‘je ne sais quoi’ if you will. The bag itself is also easier to open and close and accommodates more of your essentials. 

Take a look at how these fashionistas style their Kelly Retourne.

Kelly 32 Retourne Special Order tri-color

Kelly 32 Retourne Noir

Kelly 25 Retourne Gold

Kelly 28 Retourne Etain

Kelly 32 Retourne Bleu du Nord

Kelly 25 Retourne Noir

Kelly 32 Retourne Gold

@the_purse_charmer Kelly 25 Retourne Bleu Zanzibar

Kelly 32 Retourne in Gold

Kelly 35 Retourne in Rose Lipstick

Kelly 32 Retourne in Barenia Faubourg leather, color Fauve

Kelly 25 Retourne, Rouge de Coeur

Kelly 32 Retourne Special Order Tri-color

Kelly 32 Noir Box leather

Kelly 25 Retourne, Rose Extreme

Kelly 32 Retourne, Noir

Kelly 25 Retourne Noir

Kelly 25 Retourne Noir

Kelly 25 Retourne in Magnolia

Kelly 25 Retourne Bleu Zanzibar

The Kelly Sellier

With structured edges, sturdy leathers, and vibrant colors, the Kelly Sellier offers a different look. Some say it’s the preferred style at the moment.

This Kelly stands tall at all times, demands attention, and never slouches. However, because the Sellier Kelly is more difficult to produce and thus takes longer to complete, purchasing at the boutique is becoming more difficult. It also is more expensive.

Kelly 25 Sellier Anemone Togo leather Special Order

Looking at the Kelly Sellier, you can see the more rigid, complex, and structured construction, using stiffer leathers like Epsom and Box. There are sharp corners and the seams are topstitched together. It’s a clean, perhaps more formal look.

Despite this, or more likely as a result, the Sellier can be more difficult to open and close. Its rigidity also may prevent the bag from sitting comfortably against the body, particularly in the larger sizes. In addition, despite seeming larger than its corresponding Retourne sized sister (particularly the 32cm and 35cm sizes), the Sellier Kelly actually accommodates fewer items.

Kelly 25 Sellier Nata

Our Pursespotter captured Sellier Kellys on Rodeo Drive, mostly in sizes 25 and 28. The most predominant way to carry? On the shoulder or crossbody, using the shoulder strap of course, with the flap secured and the sangles unclasped. However, some fashionistas went truly ladylike, holding the bag by the top handle.

Kelly 25 Sellier, Ombre Lizard

Kelly 25 Sellier Craie

Kelly 25 Sellier, Noir

Kelly 25 Sellier, Craie

Kelly 25 Sellier Etain

Kelly 25 Sellier Noir/Gris Perle Special Order

Kelly 28 Sellier Etoupe

Vintage Kelly 35 Sellier Gold

Kelly 25 Sellier Etain

Kelly 25 Sellier Rouge Casaque

Kelly 25 Sellier Craie

Kelly 25 Sellier Gold

Kelly 25 Sellier Rose Confetti at the Hermes in Beverly Hills

The Mini Kelly

Many believe that the best things come in small packages. Apparently, right now, that’s the case for the Kelly. The Mini Kelly II is at the top of most Hermès wishlists. Arguably, it is the most sought after, most requested, and most desired Kelly at the moment.

Fashionistas who don’t have one are hoping to get one soon. And if you’re lucky enough to have one (or more), you probably want to add another to your collection.

So what is it about this itty bitty Kelly Sellier 20 that measures only 8″ x 4″? It barely holds a phone, a key, and a lipstick. Its shoulder strap is on the shorter side. But that does not deter Hermès lovers from lusting after them and requesting another.

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Despite its relative unavailability, there were many Mini Kellys strolling Rodeo Drive. But notice that most of them are carried with the flap wide open. Is it because it is difficult to open and access the interior?

With the rising crime rate, it is particularly curious that our fashionistas are not more concerned about its contents. Perhaps  the bags are actually empty inside. After all, not much fits inside. Nevertheless, it is the ultimate accessory to complete any ensemble.

Mini Kelly Epsom Rose Confetti

Mini Kelly Noir

Mini Kelly Gold

@leiann2006 and her Mini Kelly in Rose Pourpre

Mini Kelly Noir (inside Hermes Beverly Hills)

Mini Kelly Etoupe

Mini Kelly Menthe

Mini Kelly Pochette Exotic

Size comparison of the Kelly 25 Sellier Rose Confetti and the Mini Kelly in Bleu Electric

Mini Kelly Nata

A Few More Kellys

Clearly, the versatility of the Kelly is undisputed. There is a size (25cm, 28cm, 32cm, 35cm), style (Sellier or Retourne), and color (neutrals and pops of color) for everyone.

The two best features of the Kelly are actually what distinguishes it from the Birkin. Its shoulder strap allows for hands-free carrying. Plus, the Kelly’s chic and graceful style remains (as yet) more under-the-radar. All of which makes the Kelly one of the most sought after by Hermès aficionados.

After viewing the options captured on Rodeo Drive, can you pick a favorite?

Kelly 25 Retourne Rose Extreme

Kelly 32 Sellier Noir Box leather

Kelly 28 Retourne Cactus – Where do you put your Kelly while eating lunch at @208Rodeo

Kelly 25 Sellier Nata

Kelly 32 Noir Box Leather

(left to right) Kelly 25 Retourne Rose Azalea; Kelly 25 Sellier Rose Confetti; Mini Kelly II Bleu Electric

Are you adding a Kelly in a vibrant color to your wishlist or sticking to the neutrals? Comment below on your favorite Kelly style, size and color. And stay tuned for @pursespotter_karenzkloset’s  next reveal from Rodeo Drive.

All photos taken by @pursespotter_karenzkloset.



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Published: August 14th, 2022
Updated: August 14th, 2022

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