BopTalk Top 10 – #PurseBopPicks Challenge

A celebration is in order!!

BopTalk has been buzzing for the past few months with fabulous conversation. Today, we are here to celebrate some of the most popular and most viewed threads on the platform so far! Remember, all celebrations come with treats, and PurseBop is here to include in the action.

In honor of all your great threads, this week’s round of #purseboppicks is a very special challenge dedicated to creative BopTalk threads. That’s right, we want to hear more of what you have to say, and you will be dutifully rewarded! In the upcoming days, we will feature all your topics on instagram. It gets better – this week’s winner who posts the most creative and most engaging BopTalk thread will win a great prize from at PurseBop!

creative threads

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Register for BopTalk via
  2. Head to and click the pink “Start A New Thread” button
  3. Post your question or topic, and feel free to upload pictures for reference and flair. Look up pictures online if you don’t have one personally to fit your topic (remember to include your IG username in the post if you want to be mentioned when your thread is featured)
  4. Click “Post Topic” to publish
  5. Remember, this week’s challenge is about creativity and engagement. Get people involved in your threads and reply to other threads to get the conversation flowing. Shoutout @BopTalk, hashtag #BopTalk, and post about your thread on instagram for more exposure.

As for what to post, there are no limits! Anything fashion related is a go-to. But don’t be afraid to share other interest and topics such as news, lifestyle tips, celebrity style, music, travel, and MUCH MORE!

If you’re stuck look at the Top 10 Posts below for inspiration. However, here’s a quick list of ideas you could share

  • reveal
  • #ootd (outfit of the day)
  • Favorites
  • this or that/who wore it better
  • Fall Trends
  • Questions about bags you are curious about or need more information on
  • Give/Ask an Opinion on recent events

Finalists will be determined next Friday, and winner will be announced next Sunday.

#1 @ClassicChanel Loves BopTalk

After the BopTalk Launch, BopTalk Celebrity @ClassicChanel showed his love for BopTalk by featuring images from our threads.

Challenge Inspiration: Themed, Brand Appreciation



#2 Falling in Love with Hermes

BopTalk Celebrity @LeOrangeBliss gave us the tale of her Hermes journey and an inside look at her amazing collection.

Challenge Inspiration: Heartfelt Story with Eye Candy



#3 Welcome Boppers – Let’s Introduce Ourselves

Any new boppers joining the BopTalk family introduce themselves here.

Challenge Inspiration: Creatively show off your style



#4 Stepping off PurseBop Jet from Paris – @dreamingofh

BopTalk Celebrity @DreamingofH shares her Paris reveals, experience, and advice.

Challenge Inspiration: Recommendations and Travel/Purchase Stories



#5 Hermes Favorite Color for Birkin and Kelly

@italianfashionista makes wonderful Hermes color charts, and asked boppers to pick their favorites.

Challenge Inspiration: Informative Posts/Ask Other Boppers



#6 Are you still buying Chanel in Europe

Chanel Prices and Hermes prices have been hot topics on PurseBop. Boppers share how they feel about price shifts in Europe.

Challenge Inspiration: Prices, Controversy



#7 Miss BopTalk REVEALED – An Hermes Kelly

PurseBop shares details on Miss BopTalk her beautiful Anemone Kelly Bag.

Challenge Inspiration: Reveal


#8 Favorite Bag From Louis Vuitton Nano Collection

Mini Bags have been a huge trend this year. Boppers pick their faves from the LV collection.

Challenge Inspiration: Trends, Relate other PurseBop posts

#9 What’s in My Bag Challenge

BopTalk has been buzzing with a lot of #purseboppicks challenges. Boppers posted on the threads sharing what they carried and their product recommendations.

Challenge Inspiration: Show and Tell



#10 Bag & Shoe Selfies

Of course, PurseBop has a passion for handbags. But on BopTalk, it’s about all types of fashion. Boppers share their accessory combos for the day on this thread.

Challenge Inspiration: Outfit Details



Hope you are feeling inspired and ready to kick off our celebration by posting HERE on the BopTalk threads.

Check back next week for the winner and prizes!

Love PurseBop

Published: September 4th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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