Chanel’s New Shopping Tote is a Sweet Take on a Beloved Classic

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New Year… new dreams of the sunny warm days ahead. Longing for cloudless skies and beach days during the post-holidays slump can certainly be disheartening. Fortunately, Chanel’s latest bag makes those sunlit days seem nearer: a new version of the Deauville Shopping Tote that bears much resemblance to, yes, Neapolitan ice cream. (clearly, we must have ice cream on the brain as we also compared Hermès colors to various flavors, lol).

While the colors of many sweet treats could be credited as the inspiration behind many of Chanel’s colorful designs, this quirky new pattern is innovative to say the least!

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This updated take on a beloved Chanel shopping tote is part of the Cruise 2020 collection, dripping (more ice cream puns) into Chanel boutiques worldwide as we write. It features fuchsia, dark beige and navy blue stripes, crafted from viscose and cotton. The top handles and straps are calfskin.

Certain to make a great beach bag, this candied design also works as a year-round staple. The pop of color could be just what the doctor ordered to brighten up your winter! 

Spotted at the Chanel boutique. @minks4all

With a slightly less Neapolitan counterpart @thefrontrowparis

Chanel shopping totes enjoy decades-long popularity with designer handbag lovers. Combining functionality with Chanel chic, the Deauville classic design is incredibly versatile.  

For this version, the striking fuchsia, navy and beige color scheme stands out amongst its two tone counterparts. While other variations of the bag offer a more classic look, the Neopolitan ice cream-inspired design provides a refreshingly different take on the classic bag. At $4,100 the look comes in at $700 less than wool felt styles of the bag.

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Australian model Miranda Kerr carrying the popular tote bag. Photo courtesy of Steffman-Turgeon / Splash News.

What are your thoughts on this colorful design? Could it be a favorite all year round? Or is it too much like a sweet treat for your taste? Tell us YAY or NAY below.

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Published: January 8th, 2020
Updated: January 8th, 2020

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