Do Hermès Charms Have you Charmed?

Birkin 25 in Blanc clemence with lime swift interior, rose acrylic box from

Bag charms. Either you love them or you hate them. And loving them today doesn’t preclude hating them tomorrow. There certainly is no right or wrong. It’s just a question of personal taste. To some, it feels childish and wasteful to adorn a $12K bag with what would appear to be a toddler’s chew toy. For others, bag charms are a stamp of individuality, and a carefully curated collection engenders pride. It’s a way to change up the bag’s look much like we would our own ensemble. 

Hermès charms: Shopping bag charm, Oran Nano charms in Blue Brume and black lizard.

I, myself, go back and forth on bag charms. In the early years of my Hermès journey, I was intensely fascinated and collected a rainbow of rodeos. Then, nearly as quickly as it began, it stopped. I went naked. Nothing should take away from the beauty of the bag.

Shall we call her naked, lol. Also shown is the Kelly To Go Wallet in Rouge Casque.

But now, Prince Charming caught my eye once again. No mere coincidence as Hermès upped its charm game with new enticements. The lure began last fall with the Hermès orange shopping bag charm (read: The New Hermès Bag Charm: An Inside Look). 

A bag unattainable in real life size is coveted in nano size. And few can resist a bag on a bag. Hermes didn’t stop there though. It followed with the exclusive micro Kelly charm and the nano Oran sandal.
What is this Itsy Bitsy Hermès Kelly?

Hermès shopping bag charm in classic orange.

Impeccable detail and craftsmanship of the Oran nano charms.

Kelly twilly micro charm in black box leather.

So black rodeo in the PM size.

Now these dainty little additions are not inexpensive by any means. To put things in perspective, my Oran nano charm cost exactly the same as the real pair on Mr. PB’s feet. The small Kelly charm will set you back nearly as much a Chanel seasonal mini, yikes! Yup, you read that right… $2775 (plus tax) to be exact.

Naturally, like many things Hermès, these cuties are in short supply.  Which, of course, makes them more desirable . . .

However, in all fairness, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is extraordinary on these sweet treats. Plus, the new nano Oran charm adds a sophisticated flair to your bag. Consider me smitten (for now).

Rose box from

So what is it exactly about the Hermès charms? Is it a status symbol? Is it is there a cult following? What drives someone to indulge on a tiny bag accessory?

Share your dressed-up bags with us on instagram by using hashtag  #myhermescharmsforPurseBop. We’d love to feature them on our pages.

Published: August 30th, 2020
Updated: August 30th, 2020

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