What is this Itsy Bitsy Hermès Kelly?

The new mini charms against a Kelly 20, photo courtesy @favloves

Every so often Hermès will do something that throws us completely off our rocker. It’s shocking how such an itsy-bitsy little Kelly can create such big waves.

One could argue that it is the Jacquemus effect combined with Hermès charm mania that is responsible for the next must have item for fall 2019.

These fully functional leather pint-sized versions of the Kelly are designed to, we presume, adorn our other Hermès treasures. Think of them as bag charms complete with a self twined Twilly for attachment.


And if you thought this was going to be the next rodeo, we hate to disappoint. These micro minis might be as difficult to get your hands on as the maxi size versions. From early chats with Hermès, it seems these will be allocated in very small quantities with a really hefty price tag. We expect these miniature creations to be near the 2K mark, but we would expect no less.

The Hermès version of the fanny pack maybe? The Kelly Danse for fall 2019 along with the mini Kelly charms. Photo courtesy @faye_tsui

If this is up your alley you may want to be getting in touch with your local sales associate.

There was a recent HK Hermès fall presentation called “In the Pursuit of Dreams” and attendees are delighting us with these fabulous photos. In case you didn’t catch news of the upcoming mini Lindy, do read: Did You See The Little Lindy?


Mini Hermès shopping bag charm @faye_tsui

@hermes @carlscrush

Update on August 5th, 2019.

Prices for charms are estimates based on Hong Kong dollars:

24,100 =  approx 3089 US dollars and 2688 Euros.

Are you still in the market for these itsy bitsy Kellys?

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Published: July 29th, 2019
Updated: August 5th, 2019

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