Gucci: The Most Improved Player of the Year?

by Morgan Robinson

We said it once, and we’ll say it again. Gucci has never been better. Gucci’s game has been particularly strong this year, and it’s time to recognize their achievements. The huge surge of Gucci love came right after the appointment of new creative director Alessandro Michele. Elite celebs like Beyonce, Madonna, and Lady Gaga have rocked Michele’s new designs. Even judging from our instagram feed alone, Gucci is a hot commodity right now.

It is only fitting to crown Gucci as the Most Improved Player of the Year in the luxury world. PurseBop wants to know: how did Gucci make such a huge comeback after a long lull in consumer interests?

Let’s explore some of the reasons below…

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#1 Company Turnaround

New Creative Director

The number one key to Gucci’s success right now is Alessandro Michele. Alessandro Michele was appointed as Creative Director of Gucci in January of 2015 after previously working for other brands like Fendi and Tom Ford. In the Gucci Men’s Fall/Winter 2015 runway show, Michele proved that he was a force to be reckoned with and introduced many fresh and funky designs. He re-imagined the iconic Gucci loafer by lining it with Kangaroo Fur, one of his first of many “it” items. His out-of-the box, forward-thinking vision becomes even more apparent season after season.

Michele’s designs are appealing not only because they have a modern touch, but because they are highly expressive. Michele experiments with loud colors, shiny details, and bold prints that may be even considered “ugly” to some. As elaborates in an interview with the New York Times,  Michele is urging individuals to make what they want out of the pieces they buy and fall in love with the unusual.

Growing Profits

According to reports from Business of Fashion, if things keep going smoothly, Gucci is expected to generate over $4.5 billion of revenue this year. Overall, Gucci sales have grown 8% this year, almost double initial estimates of 4.1%. All this new growth and attention on Gucci means more pressure to stay strong and impress. Gucci’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri remains confident that the brand’s profits will steadily increase despite a weak luxury market and decreased tourist spending.

From what it looks like, this isn’t just a lucky streak. New direction in the company will help Gucci remain a strong competitor.


Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Photo Courtesy: Vogue.


Gucci’s Revenue Growth compared to other Kering Brands. Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg.

#2 Celebrity Endorsements 

A lot of the hype around Gucci’s new designs started with celebrity spottings. Lately, Gucci has been associated with some of the biggest names in the industry – again, making it the coolest brand of the moment.

  • Beyonce in her Formation Music video that won the MTV VMA Video of the Year Award
  • Madonna in her Rebel Heart Tour
  • Florence the Machine at the Grammy Awards
  • Chloe Moretz at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Harry Styles at London Fashion Week

Beyonce’s Red Gucci Logo Dress from her Formation Music Video. Photo Courtesy:


More Gucci Designs from Beyonce’s Formation Music Video. Photo Courtesy:


Alessandro Michele’s costume for Madonna, for the “Rebel Heart” tour. Photo Courtesy:


Madonna in her Custom Gucci Outfit. Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Michele.

Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine. Photo Courtesy:

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Chloe Moretz. Photo Courtesy:

1020 (1)

Harry Styles. Photo Courtesy:

#3 The Rising “It” Bags, Shoes, and Clothes

You may be wondering: what exactly do these new Michele designs look like?  Are they good enough to completely transform Gucci? Take a look at what’s trending right now in the Gucci world.

  • Gucci Dioynsus – The Gucci Dioynsus is a shoulder bag with a sliding strap chain and a large Tiger head closure. It has all the elements of vintage Gucci with new, modern chicness. Read more about this bag in our Gucci Dioynsus Reference Guide.
  • Gucci Marmont -The Gucci Marmont is a flap bag featuring the iconic double ‘GG’ closure. The Marmont is offered in lots of different colors and materials. Many fashionistas have put the velvet Marmont on their Fall wishlist. Read more about this bag in our Gucci Marmont Reference Guide.
  • Gucci Bomber Jacket – Bomber jackets have been a hot fashion item for the past couple of years. Gucci’s Bomber jackets are made out of luxurious satin material and usually embroidered with floral or animal decals.
  • Gucci Loafers – Gucci has always done loafers well, but Michele’s new styles are true standouts. This year’s Gucci loafers have come in floral patterns, have had  fur lining, and even sequin and stud embellishments.
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Gucci Marmont ~ @my__closet__diaries

unnamed (3)

Gucci Marmont 2.0 ~ @mel_inmelbourne


Gucci Marmont ~ @estefaniac2t

unnamed (7)

Gucci Bomber ~ @stylishsheba

unnamed (1)

Gucci Bomber ~ @pinkblondeburnette

unnamed (6)

Gucci Dionysus ~ @___geminiigirl___18

unnamed (2)

Gucci Loafers ~ @boywiththebag

#3 Fun and Eclectic Designs

Take a closer look at all the amazing Gucci bags and shoes in store now! Judging from what we’ve seen lately, we can only expect more greatness from Alessandro Michele in the future. It’s easy to see the difference between Gucci pre-Michele versus Gucci now. Even though some of the classic, Gucci monogram print remains in Michele’s collections, there’s been a big shift towards vibrant color and more graphic, even cartoon-ish designs.


Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 12.07.51 AM

GG Marmont 2.0 Medium Quilted Shoulder Bag via Neiman Marcus

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 12.06.43 AM

GG Writer Matelassé Leather Camera Bag via Saks Fifth Avenue


Dionysus Medium Embroidered Metallic Leather Shoulder Bag via Saks Fifth Avenue


GG Marmont Medium Web Heart Shoulder Bag via Neiman Marcus


Padlock Medium Guccissima Shoulder Bag via Neiman Marcus


Gucci Dioynsus Small Striped Hobo Bag via Bergdorf Goodman


Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 12.23.39 AM

Gucci Allie Leather Knot Sandal via Neiman Marcus

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 12.25.53 AM

Gucci Ofelia T-Strap 105mm Pump via Bergdorf Goodman


Gucci Princetown Velvet Fur-Lined Mule via Neiman Marucs


New Ace Studded Web Low-Top Sneaker via Neiman Marcus

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 12.27.00 AM

Gucci Carly Studded Grosgrain & Leather Boots via Saks Fifth Avenue


Gucci Dionysus Embroidered Knee Boot via Neiman Marcus

Is Gucci your pick for MIP (Most Improved Player) too? Are you more tempted to buy Gucci’s new designs?

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Published: October 9th, 2016
Updated: September 20th, 2017

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4 Responses to “Gucci: The Most Improved Player of the Year?”

  • I´m sooooo in love with Gucci right now!!! The yellow Marmot bag is TDF and so are all the loafers (without the fur lining though cuz fur and Brazil´s heat do not go well together hahaha)!!! xoxo

  • Love love love! I just bought myself a little Gucci birthday present…the Marmont mid-heel loafers in red leather!

  • I brought the Gucci Marmont loafers too, in silver. they are pretty yummy, I’m just not keen that they used Kangaroo fur in their other shoes (being our Australian symbol). Some of their floral things remind of D&G as they do the most wonderful florals, but it shall be interesting to see how Gucci’s forthcoming collections go and if they can keep riding the crest of the wave they are on right now. I am glad they are having their turn in the limelight to be honest, they do make nice things and good quality and have often been considered lower to Chanel, LV & Hermes, so nice they are getting some recognition again.