Hermès 101: All About the Hermès 24/24

Hermès 24/24


The Hermès 24/24 made its debut in the brand’s pre-fall 2018 collection. Touted to be the next big thing after the Birkin and the Kelly, the bag is clearly designed with similar aesthetics in mind. If not by Hermès, the style would have probably been criticized for being a tad too “inspired”.

The Hermès 24/24 retails at price points similar to the Birkin and the Kelly, but is relatively easier to acquire. You can walk into your nearest Hermès boutique, or even buy one through Hermès’ e-commerce site.

What to expect in this reference guide:

1. Is it worth it?
2. Reasons to consider the Hermès 24/24
3. Material
4. Size
5. Colour
6. Price
7. Instagram eye candy

Is It Worth It?

Hermès 101 on the 24/24


Owing to its high price tag, it is worth pausing to think before splurging on this one. For many, the scarcity of the Birkin/Kelly and it’s applauded history are what justify its price. With the 24/24 being readily available, might it serve as an alternative option or will it carve out its own space in the closet of Hermès aficionados.

Reasons to Consider the Hermès 24/24

As the name suggests – effortlessly converts from a day to night bag

Undeniably similar to the Kelly, the 24/24 ranks high on style and aesthetics. Its signature flap and twist clasp work well to keep things secure when on the go. The smaller size 29 can be worn cross body during the day, and can easily switch over to a stylish tote after.
A word of warning about the strap: It is secured to two hooks, both of which at the back of the bag! Do take this into consideration and try on the bag for comfort before you decide to buy.

Hermès 24/24


Ideal to take to work and meetings

The larger size 35 bag is ideal for the working professional looking for a stylish, yet roomy option for daily essentials (including a laptop). Its slouchy form helps accommodate those extra items you aren’t totally sure you need, but would love to carry anyway. There is even an extra pocket at the back for those frequently accessed essentials. Take note though, that this size does not come with a cross body option.

Gender Neutral

Although similar to the more feminine Kelly, the 24/24 ranks higher on gender neutrality. The bags rounded edges, trapezoid like silhouette, slouchy leather and colour options, come together to render the bag gender agnostic.

gender neutral hermès bag



Initially launched in multiple leathers, The Hermès 24/24 is now readily available in two leather combination options: Togo with Swift Calfskin or Clemence with Sombrero.

Below is a brief description of each:

Togo: This fine grained, scratch resistant leather ensures that the bag stays light and durable while maintaining the shape of the bag.

Swift Calfskin: This is a very soft, semi-matte leather that makes colorful bags pop on account of its light-reflecting properties.

Clemence: This is a grainier and flatter leather than the Togo. More durable and heavier, often does well for slouchier bag styles, making it a an appropriate choice for the 24/24.

Sombrero: This ones a smooth and delicate calf leather with a matte finish and soft feel.


Hermès Togo Leather

Photo Courtesy: Madison Avenue Couture


Hermès Swift Leather

Photo Credit: Madison Avenue Couture


Hermès Clemence Leather

Photo Credit: Madison Avenue Couture


Hermès Sombrero Leather

Photo Credit: Madison Avenue Couture


The Hermès 24/24 comes in two sizes: 29 cm and 35 cm. The 29 cm is quite similar in size to the Birkin 30 and makes for a great day to night bag. The 35 cm is definitely roomier and ideal for the working professional or when traveling.

Exact dimensions are:

SizeDimensions in cms (L X H X D)
Hermès 24/24 Size 2929 x 27 x 14
Hermès 24/24 Size 3535 x 25 X 15

Size 29

Size 35


This Hermès style is available in store and online in the classic Black and Gold options. Reach out to your SA if you would like to enquire about other colours and the availability of bi-colour options like Bleu Nuit/Noir, Bordeaux/Rouge H, Vert Olive/Vert Bronze.

Other leather and colour options are possible but through Special Order.

Hermès 24/24 Bi-colour



Below are the prices for the Hermès 24/24 in Togo and Swift Calfskin in single colour options. Prices for bi-colour or special order leathers or colors may vary.

SizePrice in USD
Hermès 24/24 Size 29$8,700
Hermès 24/24 Size 35$9,350

Instagram Eye Candy





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Published: August 9th, 2020
Updated: August 9th, 2020

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