How to Buy a Birkin at Hermès Faubourg Saint- Honoré

Hermes recently made changes to the way they manage the line and appointment times at the mothership FSH store in Paris. Earlier this week, we gave you a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of the new shopping system (Read: New System in Paris to Buy a Birkin).

On BopTalk, many of you shared your reactions to the changes, and overall, we’re still waiting to see how this new system will effect the quality of the Hermes shopping experience. PurseBop reader, Mel (mel_inmelbourne), went to Paris on a mission to get her dream bag and experienced the new system first-hand. Enjoy this exclusive video presentation we had created just for you and learn everything you need to know about the new system before heading to Paris.

If you have any questions, comments, or personal experience with shopping at Hermes FSH, please join us in conversation on the BopTalk threads!

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Special thanks to Mel, it’s been such a delight working together!

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Published: August 7th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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4 Responses to “How to Buy a Birkin at Hermès Faubourg Saint- Honoré”

  • Thank you, Mel! I was at FSH a few weeks before you, under the old system. It was my first time too! I waited for two hours, was offered a beautiful Kelly, but it wasn’t exactly right, so I passed.

    I didn’t really plan to try again, because it was my first trip to Paris and I ( and my husband, especially) did not want to sacrifice another several hours waiting for another disappointment. However, a few days later I was near the Sèvres store, and decided to just see what was what. As it happened, I waited about twenty relaxed minutes ( chatting happily with anther couple in the meantime), and was offered a rouge tomate 35 Birkin! Score! My first Hermès bag!

  • Yay I’m so happy for you lovely! Rouge Tomate is such a gorgeous colour! ❤️ Normally Sevres doesn’t have as much B or K stock so you def scored big time! What a memorable experience!! ???? xo

  • Hi Mel, I am heading to paris tonight and happen to see your blog. My girlfriend would like to buy birkin or lindy but we arent previous customer and heard from the others that the SA might not show you or even tell you there is one in the store, unless you have spent a lot for accessories or clothing and have previous good relationship with the SA.

    Thus, would this new system help? Any tips for us (new customer) to get a birkin or lindy? Further, could the appointment be made online? Thanks !

  • I purchased a Kelly bag at the FSH store in August with no prior relationship! I arrived at 4:15, worked with an SA to buy a couple of belts then asked about a Kelly. I mentioned that i have a relationship with Hermes in Chicago. He told me to come back in the morning to follow their process but I said I was flying out the next day and wouldn’t be able to. He then asked my preferences. Made me wait a few minutes then brought out a big orange box. I left with the Kelly bag of my dreams!