Luxury Promise Has Revolutionized How We Buy and Sell Hermès

Photo courtesy of Luxury Promise

At PurseBop, when we love a business, it’s no secret. It’s hard to find places on the secondary luxury market that fashionistas can really, truly trust. And when we do, we’re so thrilled that we’re compelled to tell our readers. That’s exactly how we feel about Luxury Promise, an innovative marketplace that combines both AI technology and curators’ expertise to create a space to sell and buy luxury handbags online. Founded in 2016 by luxury savant Sabrina Sadiq, Luxury Promise features not only the rarest of Hermès handbags, but also one of the most thorough authentication schemes we’ve ever witnessed. We’re thrilled to partner with Sabrina to show you just how magical her treasure trove is.

Luxury Promise

Photo courtesy of Luxury Promise

Sabrina: Innovation Guru and Luxury Savant

First, we’re dying to tell you a little about Sabrina herself. Her story is simply inspiring. Sabrina’s expertise in luxury goods is a decade in the making: She started by sourcing and authenticating, as well as advising high-profile individuals and concierge companies on their purchases. Along the way, she fell in love with luxury goods. As she travelled the globe, she created a reliable and resourceful network in the secondary market. Her earnest belief was—and still is—that a luxury handbag like an Hermès Birkin or Kelly is a better investment than the stock market or even gold.

Sabrina even founded the United Kingdom’s premier school of authentication, whose main agenda is to train students to discern a genuine product from the sea of counterfeit goods flooding the market.

She brought that expertise to Luxury Promise in August 2016, which began in an office in London’s Bvlgari Hotel. It was the world’s first company to introduce AI to the $25-billion-dollar secondary luxury market. Today, it’s one of the most successful and trusted places to resell and purchase pre-loved luxury goods (it caters to celebrities and even members of royal families!). 

Luxury Promise

Sabrina Sadiq, founder and CEO of Luxury Promise.

Unparalleled Authentication

Luxury Promise’s authentication system is seriously cool—and unexpected. Whenever we think of “authentication,” a certain picture comes to mind: luxury experts in white gloves whose trained eyes can tell an Hermès stitch from a factory one within seconds. And that certainly does happen at Luxury Promise, where luxury experts and curators have a combined experience of 25 years in the industry. In fact, every item sold on the portal goes through the rigorous scrutiny and examination of two curators.

But a constantly self-updating AI system is what sets Luxury Promise apart from its competitors. After the curators vet each piece, Luxury Promise’s AI then analyzes every detail and both runs it through an image recognition system and assesses it for flaws invisible to the naked eye. Only then is the product considered fit for sale on the Luxury Promise portal with an AI-recommended price.

Luxury Promise

Photo courtesy of Luxury Promise

Buying from Luxury Promise

Of course, one of the most exciting things about Luxury Promise is, well, the promise of rare bags—and the site certainly doesn’t disappoint. Exquisite Hermès and Chanel begs abound, in colors that we’ve long dreamed of adding to our closets. The portal is known to have some of the most exclusive products, including limited edition bags like the hot new Sellier Birkin, that would take us months—if not years—to get our hands on directly from the boutique.

Take, for instance, the rows of oh-so-cute mini Kellys, which can be nearly impossible to find otherwise. And if you’re looking for something in particular—you know, that bag in that one color from ages ago that you’ve been dying to snatch up somewhere—Luxury Promise’s team is always available to help you in your quest! Check out our IG stories @pursebop to learn more.

For fun, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites from Luxury Promise. (And don’t think we forgot about those adorable mini Kellys!) There’s nothing like gorgeous Hermès bags in spring-appropriate hues to get us excited for the new season—and all the new handbag purchases it may bring.

If you happen to be in the London area, don’t miss the opportunity to visit their boutique at 62 South Molton Street.

But How Does Selling Work?

The first thing to know is that you can buy and sell from your phone, so this is about as stress-free as it gets. But the really important thing is that selling with Luxury Promise is a breeze, and the company’s service is as good as it gets.

Luxury Promise is unique in that it gives you quotes for consignments anywhere around the world. So even though the company’s based in London, you could, for instance, get a quote from New York. We seriously suggest you give this a try for yourself here. In our experience, we’ve seen some pretty good looking quotes. And should you decide to go through with it, the shipping is taken care of by Luxury Promise. Basically, you box it up, and they arrange all the invoices for pick-up. Even better, sellers are paid is within a week—even global customers.

Photo courtesy of Luxury Promise

If you have any questions about Luxury Promise, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We truly believe in this one-of-a-kind company and everything Sabrina has created, and we want to share our excitement and insider knowledge with you. Ultimately, sustainability is at the core of what Luxury Promise does, as it seeks to help fashionistas resell and find timeless pieces. We couldn’t support their mission more.

And don’t forget that this isn’t just handbags we’re talking about! Luxury Promise is constantly adding new goods to its opulent marketplace, including jewelry, footwear, clothing, and menswear. Just remember to hit the “purchase” button quickly, because these gorgeous pieces literally fly off the (web)shelf before you can say “Birkin”!

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