New Season, New Hermès Colors: Hints about the Tints

The full bloom of Summer 2018 means… it’s time to look at Hermès’ colors for Spring/Summer 2019. Yes, it can be hard to enjoy the moment if you are always looking to the future, but in this case, it’s okay.  We can anticipate the upcoming hues while appreciating vacation views. Hot off the presses… news about the new Hermès palette. Let’s just be clear – a little birdie (and not PB’s newest Birthday bag) whispered this info to us. It’s not Hermès-official. 

Just last month, PurseBop featured the new Hermès Fall Winter 2018 array with descriptions of three new blues (Encre, Royal and Zellige), Apricot, Rose d’ete and Vert cypress.  (read Hermès Colors Fall Winter 2018) As leather goods in these colors now begin to trickle in, our focus is already diverted to Spring Summer 2019…

A look at current blues in production – Birkin 25 in Blue Electric and Constance 18 in Blue Zanzibar. Photo courtesy @favloves.

Don’t feel blue, there’s a new one coming – a lighter shade called Bleu du Nord. We hear it’s more blue than Celeste but darker than Blue Atoll.

Color is Hermès Celeste. Photo courtesy: @mystyllus

Color is Hermès Blue Atoll. Photo courtesy: @cuteangel25

Hermès doubles down on both green and yellow with two new of each: Vert Verone (somewhat greener than Bamboo) and Vert Jade (a jade color for croc only). Jaune de Naples is a true cool yellow and, a little birdie tells us, Jaune Citron is a lemon-lime color reserved for Ostrich.

Hermes color Bamboo, photo courtesy @pursebop

Red is still beating too – a true red called Rouge de Coeur, could steal your heart or inspire the color. It’s more red than Rouge Tomate and less red than Rouge Casaque.

Hermès Rouge Tomate. Photo Courtesy: @helensfashiondiary

Hermès Rouge Casaque. Photo courtesy: @tkloves

For those who still think pink, especially pale, wait for Mauve Sylvestine, like glycine but pinkier.

Hermès color Glycine, photo courtesy @aroseisaroseandabee

Interestingly, based on description, these S/S 2019 shades really do differ from those of F/W 2018. For example, the paler blue coming next Spring is unlikely to compete with this fall’s darker blue hues. Perhaps Hermes realized the difficulty for many who struggled to distinguish between F/W 2017 Rose Pourpre and S/S 2018 Magnolia.  

L: Rose Pourpre R: Magnolia. Photo courtesy:  @madisonavenuecouture

Rose Pourpre versus Magnolia. Photo courtesy @pursebop

All of this led us to ponder what new color we would create if given the choice.  Perhaps a neutral color in between Craie and Etoupe would perfectly match your newest shoes.  Maybe you’d like a gold that is a gold color rather than a caramel.  Let’s be creative . . . share your technicolor dreams.

Published: July 21st, 2018
Updated: July 21st, 2018

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