Hermès Colors Fall Winter 2018

L to R: Magnolia Kelly. Blue Brighton Birkin, Jaune Ambre Birkin. Click photo to access details.

If life is like a box of chocolates (Forrest Gump), is your handbag collection a box of crayons? That may seem like a non sequitur, but stay with us on this. No one does color quite like Hermes. The famed house is known for its ability to create unique saturated hues that even vary from leather to leather. Since one rarely knows what will be offered at Hermes from season to season (and perhaps visit to visit), one strategy is to take the newest hottest color on the shelf and develop an array of hues. Another plan is to decide what color or shade you want or need, and wait for an old (or new) number that fits the bill. Of course, neither is mutually exclusive.

Still confused? Here’s an example: hot pink lovers jumped at the chance last fall for Rose Pourpre, including PurseBop. Mere months later, lo and behold, Hermes introduced Magnolia, also hot pink, but different.  Many wondered which was better, should they switch and so on. And now, as details of  Winter 2018 colors leak out, we speculate whether there will be another similar and perhaps more perfect pink (hint… there is a pink).

@pursebop compares Rose Pourpre togo leather with Magnolia togo leather at Madison Avenue Couture. PurseBop’s #bagoftheday Bamboo togo/swift Ghillies B30.

Then, of course, there’s blue. Which Hermès blue, you ask? Everything but Yves Klein blue, apparently. In 2015 BBC counted at least 20. We did a quick tally and find the number closer to 40 today. And more are on the way…

It becomes the proverbial first class problem. Do you jump at this season’s red in a five figure style only to have a new hue catch your eye six months later? ​Or are you waiting for an older color to return? As Hermès phases colors in and out, some retired shades do get re-released. No one knows if and when a shade might return leaving future generations hunting for the acclaimed favorites from Hermès gurus the generation before… let’s think of colors like Bubblegum Pink, Rose Tyrien, Lagoon, Menthe, Parme, just to name a few.

Enough teasing. We, like you, await with anticipation and excitement word of the newest Hermes colors to covet and adore. With some snooping and searching . . . Here’s what we know now about the Hermes Fall/Winter 2018 colors. And, of course, we will keep you updated as more information comes in.

It’s fall/winter so, not surprisingly, the collection features earthy tones which are by definition more subdued than the brights of spring. For this particular season, the real story though will give you the blues – three new ones.

New Hermes Fall/Winter 2018/19 Colors

  • Zellige – a blue most similar to Blue Zanzibar
  • Blue Royal – slighter brighter than Blue Electric but not like Hydra
  • Blue Encre – slighter brighter than Blue Sapphire, something of a blend between Blue Electric and Blue Sapphire
  • Apricot – similar to classic orange, with a hint of yellow
  • Vert Cypress – rich dark green, think hunter green or deep forest green​
  • Rose d’ été – somewhere between rose confetti and bubblegum pink

Many of us aren’t quite ready to wish away the spring and summer and head to fall especially since the Hermès Spring/Summer 2018 color palette was so spectacular:  Magnolia, Ambre, Brighton Blue and Blue Azur, just to name a few.

Our friends at Madison Avenue Couture have been busy curating a collection in these hot hues. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, aspiration or education, have a peek at the goodies from the Spring/Summer 2018 selection.

L to R: Magnolia Kelly 28, Jaune Ambre Birkin 30. Click photo to access details.

Magnolia Clemence Retourne Kelly 28cm Palladium Hardware

Jaune Ambre (Amber) Togo Birkin 30cm Gold Hardware

Blue Azur Epsom Sellier Kelly 25cm Gold Hardware

Rose Pourpre Togo Birkin 25cm Palladium Hardware

L to R: Blue Brighton Birkin 30, Magnolia Kelly 28. Click photo to access details.

Magnolia Clemence Birkin 30cm Palladium Hardware

Blue Brighton Togo Birkin 30cm Gold Hardware

Blue Azur Togo Birkin 35cm Gold Hardware

Jaune Ambre Matte Alligator Birkin 30cm Gold Hardware

Magnolia Kelly 28, click photo to access details.

Rose Pourpre Evercolor Lindy 26cm Palladium Hardware

Magnolia Clemence Evelyne III PM

L to R: Magnolia Kelly 28, Jaune Ambre Birkin 30. Click photo to access details.

Rose Pourpre Ostrich Birkin 30cm Palladium Hardware

Rose Pourpre Epsom Sellier Kelly 25cm Palladium Hardware

L to R: Jaune Ambre Birkin, Magnolia Kelly, Blue Brighton Birkin. lick photo to access details.

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Published: June 2nd, 2018
Updated: June 2nd, 2018

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