No More Birkin Sellier

If you’ve been listening to the rumor mill, you’ve probably heard the one about Hermès discontinuing a recent addition to the Birkin line- the Sellier Birkin. As a refresher, in 2020, Hermès introduced this more structured version of the hallmark tote, taking after its sister bag the Kelly Sellier. The new style caught the eye of devoted Birkin lovers who clamored and craved to add a Sellier to their collections.

Move Over Kelly, There’s a New Birkin in Town
More on the New and VERY HOT Birkin Sellier

Sellier Birkin 25 in Nata

Of course, not all rumors pan out, but this one seems to have some truth to it. We have heard repeatedly that Birkin Selliers will no longer be offered as in-store stock BUT may be selected for a Special Order. So if you really want one, start hoping for the SO opportunity. And remember, as with the Kelly Sellier, the Birkin Sellier commands premium pricing at the boutique. The more structured body takes longer to fabricate.

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Image Credit: @minajychen

Alternatively, if you just cannot wait, Birkin Selliers are available now on the secondary market. When the bag was first released, in limited Hermès fashion, it was all the rage. With such high demand and restricted availability, reseller prices well-exceeded the retail cost.

Over the last couple of years, however, resale prices for the Birkin Sellier have dropped. Don’t misunderstand. Prices remain over and above what you’d pay at the boutique; they are not as high as they once were.

Original retourne edges as seen in the left Blanc Clemence Birkin 25 versus the sellier edges in the Nata Epsom Birkin 25.

Which leads us to speculate as to why Hermès is discontinuing this style.  As said above, it takes more artisan hours to produce the Sellier. For Hermès, even with premium pricing, it may not be worth it. Could it be that unclaimed Birkin Selliers are languishing in the fabled back storage rooms? Doubtful. Particularly for the smaller sizes.

It’s more likely that in-boutique demand isn’t quite what it once was. After all, it’s not at resellers. The Birkin Sellier is a great Birkin to add to your collection. However, from the PurseBop team’s collective experience, you likely don’t need or want many of them. The classic remains the favored bag.

Image Credit: @sonnetsofsilk

Close up of the sellier edges.

Sellier Birkin 25 in Mauve Sylvestre @pursespotter_karenzkloset`

Of course, for anyone still hoping for a Birkin Sellier (or looking to regime theirs), it will be interesting to see what happens to demand and pricing. Will both soar? On the other hand, could the style languish on reseller shelves? Only time will tell.

Love, PurseBop


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Published: December 17th, 2022
Updated: December 18th, 2022

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