Playing Purse Favorites: What’s Yours?

Everybody has one...

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What do you think of when you hear the words “favorite” and “purse” together? Personally, I imagine myself standing in a Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk-in closet, scanning rows of handbags and picking one (maybe a sequined Fendi Baguette?) with a flourish.

But is choosing a favorite bag really as easy as it sounds? Well, some of us do know our Holy Grails pretty well, so that shouldn’t be difficult. But for others, it may even be as hard as naming a favorite child! However, even if we aren’t necessarily ready to admit, we all have favorites – as to bags that is (not children of course).

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Now, while it’s true that everyone has some degree of preference, the factors involved are nearly as diverse as the bag options themselves. Perhaps your favorite is the one you don’t (or can’t) own yet. Maybe it’s cost prohibitive, impractical, or quite possibly imbued with memories. On the other hand, it could be the go-to carry-anywhere bag you grab on the fly, or the one you impulsively purchased from a street vendor. There are so many possibilities as to why one bag feels the “best”! Let’s discuss…

First, the basics. And by basics, of course, we mean the purse’s shape. The handbag market currently offers every style of purse imaginable, at every price point, and in every texture. So whether you prefer a luscious leather top-handle like the Birkin, or a heavily monogrammed airplane-shaped Louis Vuitton, the options are endless.

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However, it is also true that there are certain types of purses we, as individuals, tend to naturally gravitate toward. So, some may be crossbody-gals, while others could be tote-people. And hence, the shape of handbags we feel most comfortable with is often crucial in determining what we choose as our favorite purse.

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The second element relevant in the making of our favorite handbag is color. Is a pop of vibrance what interests you? Maybe the vivid Bottega Green that has taken the world by storm gives you joy in an otherwise dreary world. Or perhaps you lean towards neutrals more, which could be as simple as a trusty black. But just because black is a tried-and-tested choice doesn’t mean one should disregard it – the shiny black box So Kelly is the epitome of femme fatale, after all! Otherwise, are you as enamored by metallics like this shimmery Chanel Flap as we are? Nothing like a bit of sparkle to cheer you up, right?

Your favorite purse could also be a color that you associate with good fortune (the red-themed Lunar New Year bags come to mind, the color said to bring good luck).

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Other considerations when choosing a bag are functionality and flexibility. We’ve seen how the Chanel Classic Flap is versatile enough to pair well with nearly every type of outfit – and it’s easy to see why it could become your best friend.

But does it mean a “special occasions-only” purse cannot be your favorite? Of course not! Just think of a braise lizard Kelly with GHW or an alluring alligator Constance. No doubt the crown jewel of any collection, they’re guaranteed to give you butterflies just sitting in your closet!

Image Credit: @m.t.l1968

Image Credit: @m.t.l1968

But what about the brand? Do you find yourself loyal to any one in particular, and that’s what shapes your perception of your favorite purse?

Lovers of Hermès can attest to this. Known for its heritage leatherwork and meticulous attention to detail, it’s easy to see why the House has so many fans! On the other hand, lovers of Chanel might prefer its boldness (and of course, its versatility too!). Then again, Dior-addicts could be enamored with every elegant piece Maria Grazia Chiuri creates!

That doesn’t mean, however, that one must limit themselves to just one brand. We are all wonderfully diverse individuals, and our purses are often a reflection of our personality and even our moods! Feeling low? That Rose Shocking Birkin beckons! Dressing to impress at a corporate dinner? Nothing beats the lambskin Chanel Flap.

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Now, since we’re at it, I’d like to start off the discourse with the purses that are my favorite… which in all honesty seems like a gargantuan task given I fall in love with a new design every day! But we can be allowed to have a few favorites, right? I mean, why limit yourself to just one? And so here they are, the handbags that have me obsessed right now:

1. The Hermès Émile

An under-the-radar suitcase-style debuted in the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, the Hermès Emile is chic, practical, and versatile. It’s relatively spacious, which is always a plus in my book, with an androgynous appeal at a (relatively) less eye-watering price tag (for Hermès, at least). And although currently it’s sold out everywhere, it’s likely to be more attainable than the new Cargo HAC (aka, the “Rock”), which, let’s be honest, has won everybody’s hearts at this point.

Image Courtesy: Vogue

Image Courtesy: Vogue

2. The Chanel Chain Handle Boy

As you might have realized, I’m a sucker for all things with a top-handle. But this bad Boy (pun intended!), in particular, really melds Chanel’s quintessential rocker-chic with an unmatched elegance and practicality. First launched in the Pre-fall 2015 collection, the chain-around detailing is just the right amount of embellishment and maximalism we need right now.

Image Credit: @luxcollate

3. Dior – the Diorama & the Bar Tote

It’s a fact that we at PurseBop love a good metallic. Plus, a good bargain makes it all the more sweeter. And the Dior Diorama delivers on all counts. Although discontinued despite tremendous success following its Spring/Summer 2015 launch, the Diorama is available in a flap, wallet-on-chain, as well as a top-handle clutch iteration (and you can guess which one I love). But it’s the gorgeous colorways, and especially the lineup of metallics, ranging from gold and silver to bronze, crimson and ultramarine, that’s bound to make you fall in love (as I have)!

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When it comes to taking lessons in corporate style, however, no one does it better than Amal Clooney. And her black Dior Bar Tote is the epitome of power-dressing. Plus, it’s also a top handle!

Amal Clooney with the Dior Bar Tote, Image Credit: InStyle

So, now that you know which are the purses I’m loving, it’s your turn. What are your favorite handbags right now?

Published: March 14th, 2022
Updated: March 14th, 2022

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