POLL: What’s the Favorite Hermes Neutral Color?

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Just for fun…  because we are obsessed with neutrals!

Let’s all imagine that the Hermes Fairy is granting us one neutral wish… what color would you select?? You can have whatever bag your heart fancies, whether that be a Birkin, Kelly, Constance, or any H beauty…but it has to be a neutral color.

Make your wish in the poll! If you need some color swatches for reference, take a peek at the pictures below.

*Note: The colors listed in this poll are new F/W options or colors that are currently in production at Hermes (there may be others too but we picked the most sighted). 

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From L or R: Craie, Graphite, Argile, Gris Perle ~ @leorangebliss


From L to R: Trench Kelly Sellier 28 and Trench Birkin 30 – @priveporter

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Hermes FW 2016 from BopTalk


Clockwise: Sage, Gris Mouette, Cuivre, Blue Agate (pics courtesy @ladyhermezz @ruelamode @monica.hermes @theauthenticchoice)

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From L to R: Craie Kelly 32 and Gris Tourterelle Kelly 35 ~ @leorangebliss @highuptothesky


From L to R: Etoupe Birkin 35, Gris Tourterelle Birkin 35 – Irina Shayak, Alex Curran

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Clockwise: Etain, Etoupe, Gris Touterelle, Gris Mouette – @pinkmama85


Gris Tourterelle Kelly 32 vs. Argile Jige Clutch – @kugzz

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Where are the neutrals?! ~ @PurseBop

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Love PurseBop

Published: August 27th, 2016
Updated: June 27th, 2017

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1 Responses to “POLL: What’s the Favorite Hermes Neutral Color?”

  • Hi guys, is someone familiar with the new 2016 color “oregano” or “oregan”…something like that???
    As I was told its something in between etoupe and etain. I’m on the wishlist and they call me that an Kelly 28 is available for sell, You can’t believe how happy I’m only the color is not familiar to me.
    I guess i have to go and find uit. :))) happy!