PurseBop x Christie’s: Day vs. Night Holy Grail Bags


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The Holy Grail Bag quest never ends, it just gets more complicated…

In May, PurseBop debuted a feature article on Christies.com discussing a topic near and dear to our hearts: the Holy Grail Bag (HGB). The HGB, if you recall, is the handbag we desire most at any given moment. Now, as we’re joining Christie’s Holiday Auction, we’ve published a new article on Christie’s’ website on the very same topic—but this time, with a twist.

We present to you:  The Holy Grail Bag Part II: day versus night

In PurseBop’s first article with Christie’s, we revealed the unique nature of the Holy Grail Bag quest by comparing the ultimate wish lists of two bidders with different tastes. This mini showdown of capsule collections displayed the diversity of Holy Bag Grail quests while getting us to seriously consider our own personal tastes and wish lists.

After this experiment, we realized not only that the HGB varies from individual to individual, but also that it can be near-impossible to narrow it down to one perfect, all-encompassing bag within a collection. Sometimes, there just isn’t a single bag that can serve as your ‘one and only’ …A handbag lover needs their options!

In our latest article on Christies.com, we tackle this theme by exploring how the Holy Grail Bag journey can diverge into multiple paths when we build our personal collections. A successful repertoire of handbags will include bags that are suitable for a variety of occasions, whether daytime or nighttime. The rhythms of the day entail one major sartorial shift, after all, and that’s when the sun goes down and formality heightens.

Join us at Christie’s to read through our exclusive article, “The Holy Grail Bag Part II: day versus night.” In highlighting some of the gems in Christie’s Holiday Auction, we reconsider the HGB quest—this time with the added challenge of finding the perfect pick for a daytime affair and a stunning choice for an evening rendezvous. Will one of our picks catch your eye?

Published: November 12th, 2017
Updated: November 23rd, 2017

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