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Leorangebliss‘s pup Linus is our moderator for the PureBop Birkin vs. Kelly Debate

We’ve done this before, but it’s high time we open up another debate about Hermes bag preferences… and who doesn’t love a good ol’ Hermes debate?! In the past, we polled fashionistas on their preference for the Hermes Sellier vs. Retourne. We’ve also asked you to pick a side in the Hermes Birkin vs. Kelly faceoff before. We’ve even looked to celebrity Hermes style to help come to some consensus about the B versus K question. This time, PurseBop is asking you to get involved and share your preferences on the Birkin vs. Kelly again, but in a whole new way!

We want to host a virtual debate over all of our social media platforms. Your answers and comments will be continually added to this post just like a live debate. You can hashtag your team, reasoning, and pictures to #PurseBopBirkinvsKellyDebate or post your comments on our BopTalk threads HERE. Your submission could be featured on this blog post and shared with everyone!

A few members of our PurseBop family have already chimed in with their answers. Read what they have to say and use their comments as examples if you need inspiration for how to join the debate.

Let the debate begin! PurseBop asks: Which do you prefer, the Hermes Birkin or the Hermes Kelly?

Debater: BopTalk Celebrity LeOrangeBliss

Team: …Don’t Make Me Choose.

Reason: “Queen B vs Empress K?  Let’s just say, I sure am glad I don’t have to choose between the two!!! I LOVE both and feel that every well-rounded bag collection has room for at least one of each.

The Birkin is the quintessential tote bag. It’s casual and glamorous at the same time.  Hand-held and with quick and easy access to the contents inside, it can’t get any more convenient!

The Kelly is THE perfect ladies’ purse.  It is elegant and timeless in its beauty.  You can carry it hands-free with the shoulder strap option, or carry by the handle for a more refined look.  Yes, it’s more difficult to access the inside contents compared to the Birkin, but the added difficulty can also be a good thing for security.

So, bottom line? … Don’t make me choose!”

Debater: BopTalk Celebrity StylishSheba

Team: Birkin

Reason: “I started off pretty balanced between the Birkin and the Kelly.  I thought each served it’s own distinct purpose with the Kelly exuding class and elegance and the Birkin giving off a more casual vibe. More and more though I have found myself reaching only for my Birkins. I find being able to carry the bag by its handles easier than having the Kelly swinging around on its strap. Most importantly, I prefer being able to access the contents of my bag easily. Now I literally can’t envisage a moment when the Birkin isn’t suitable. Traveling somewhere? Out comes my 35.  Everyday use?  The 30 has it covered. A night time event?  A tiny little 25 is the perfect dinner companion… well it will be when one comes my way!”

Debater: BopTalk Celebrity HappyBaggage

Team: Birkin

Reason: Happybaggage muses, “The Birkin, match points on all counts.”

Debater: BopTalk Celebrity SwedishandStylish

Team: Birkin

Reason: “The reason why I’m not a Kelly fan is because I find them cumbersome to get in and out of. Also, if I wear a bag with a strap, I prefer to wear it crossbody and not on one shoulder, which is harder to do with the Kelly.

I prefer bags with easy access, but maybe I just haven’t figured out how to comfortably wear a Kelly yet. A Birkin is always open with easy access. Overall, I love the look of a Birkin.”

Debater: @TheOrdinarySusan

Team: Kelly

Reason: “After I got my first Birkin I thought I would never love another bag as much… But I was wrong… Because then there was Kelly…

It’s a hard choice between one or the other because there are no flaws in quality or aesthetics in either one in my view… and both have the same remarkable heritage. But forced to live with only one of them, I would go with Kelly. Versatility being the only reason. The strap on the Kelly makes her more casual if you need her to be and also allows hands-free mode… And when you want to be more formal or dressy, easy, take out the strap and hold her by her elegant single handle. Sorry B, you lose this one…”

Debater: @By_Md

Team: Birkin

Reason: “I love both my Kelly’s and Birkin’s for different reasons. However, the B will always be my favorite since it has sentimental value for me. One of my first H bags was a Birkin 30 in Mykonos, and I immediately fell in love with the look of the Birkin. In terms of features, I love that you have easy access with the Birkin compared to the Kelly.”

Debater: @MrsLulu3

Team: Kelly

Reason: “I prefer the Kelly because of her understated elegance. Overall, I just think it fits my lifestyle more. I prefer to be hands-free, so the long strap is a must. To me, the Kelly is just so classic.”

Debater: @StyledbyShishi

Team: Kelly

Reason: “I loved strolling around the beautiful and charming streets of Paris carrying my Kelly 32 Retourne. This lady in red is my ultimate traveling companion for the following reasons:

  • Convenience – Shoulder Strap is key when traveling with small children.
  • Light as a feather – I don’t know about you but carrying a B35 for an extended period of time results in tired arms.
  • Safety  – Keeps unwanted hands out of my purse. I felt safe roaming the streets of Paris but was warned twice by Good Samaritans to pay closer attention to my belongings.
  • Documenting – Free hands are a must for picture taking!”

Debater: lionnlibra

Team: Kelly

Reason: “I love both for different reasons. Birkin’s are great for everyday use as it is a bit more practical to get in and out of. The Kelly is such a classic style, I love the hands-free option with shoulder strap, and I feel a bit more secure with Kelly when traveling. Also, after using a Kelly for a while, I really mastered the opening and closing”

Debater: @kugzz

Team: Birkin

Reason: “Every fashionista absolutely needs both in her collection. If someone twisted my arm I’d pick a Birkin. My pup is definitely on team Birkin. Plus, it’s way easier to reach out for treats from a Birkin than a Kelly!”

Debater: @bb10lue

Team: Birkin

Reason: “My goldie B30 is the crown jewel of my collection, and one of the biggest reasons why I’m on team Birkin. Honestly, I prefer the Birkin just a tad bit more because it is easy access and has that old school glamour if you know what I mean.”

Debater: Gina123

Team: Birkin

Reason: “I am definitely A Birkin Girl, love the quick access and casual flair. I do like all sizes but I am totally enjoying these mini B’s now!”

Debater: @lckpw

Team: Kelly

Reason: “I love both! If I could only have one I think it would be a Kelly as I love the shoulder strap.”

Debater: @sapphiresandscotch

Team: Kelly

Reason: “Here are my two Hermes favorites pictured above! I got my Blue Electrique swift Kelly as my very first Hermes purchase ever, which gives it a sentimental factor, but I truly could never choose. The strap is nice on a K, and I don’t mind getting in and out of it – that being said, I adore my bamboo B and picking is IMPOSSIBLE. I might lean ever so slightly towards K bc I adore Grace Kelly and this was the original “it” bag in my opinion. It is one of the only bags in existence that is truly timeless!!”

Debater: @havenl33

Team: Kelly

Reason: “I love my Kelly because it looks elegant, yet casual and more practical for daily use as it has a long strap.”

Debater: @xeniaws

Team: Kelly

Reason: “B or K? I’m on Team K, I like that you can sling it or hand carry it, which is more convenient”

Debater: @wjenga

Team: Kelly

Reason: “Kelly vs. Birkin? I’m personally more of a Kelly girl. It is more discrete, my belongings are secure, and the strap is essential for me to be hands-free so that I can run after my two little ones. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Birkins especially this special lady above.”

Debater: @thesecretcorner

Team: Kelly

Reason:  “Love the elegant look of the Queen B, but the Kelly fits my current lifestyle more as a mother of three toddlers!”

Debater: @tonkamama_tpf

Team: Birkin and Kelly

Reason: I ask myself, Birkin or Kelly? To me, if Birkin is the Queen then Kelly must be the Princess. I am glad I can have both in my world.

Debater: @luvorange29

Team: Birkin

Reason: “Love them both, but a Birkin always have special place in my heart!”

Debater: @baubles_bybb

Team: Birkin

Reason: “Well it’s gotta be Team Birkin for me. It was my choice from day 1!”

Debater: @chiic_wardrobe

Team: Birkin

Reason: “For my First Hermès bag I choose a Birkin Gold 35. For me, the Birkin is a must have, and in Hermes’ history, is more important for than the Kelly.”

Debater: @btchannel

Team: Birkin

Reason:” For a long while. I wanted only for a Kelly until all the photos on instagram converted me. Birkin’s grew on me. I decided to that I wanted to own a Birkin, and I bought one this year. I’m speechless and beyond joy. I truly feel i have made it in life. One Birkin is not enough for me. I am on the hunt for a second Birkin perhaps a smaller size and then I would consider a Kelly to add to my collection. So, Yes Birkin is my first preference!”

So far, we’ve gotten very mixed opinions. However, the debate is now LIVE! We want to hear what team you’re on and why. Your comment may be added to this post for everyone to read.

Different ways to get involved…

  1. Post a picture on instagram with the hashtag #PurseBopBirkinvsKellyDebate with a shot of your Birkin, Kelly, or both. In the caption, write which team you are on and give your reasoning. Remember to tag @pursebop, @purseboppicks, & @boptalk to make sure that we see your picture.
  2. Write a comment in the PurseBop Birkin vs. Kelly Debate BopTalk thread with your team preference, reasoning, and feel free to attach your photo. If you want your instagram handled mentioned, be sure to specify your name.
  3. Direct message us on @purseboppicks with your team, reasoning, and picture.

We would love to hear what you think! Keep checking back to this blog post often because we will be updating with new comments from debaters continuously.

Love PurseBop

Published: May 14th, 2016
Updated: June 11th, 2017

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12 Responses to “PurseBops Birkin vs. Kelly Debate”

  • KELLY all the way… Always buy bags that have straps these days (in fact removable straps), haven’t carried a tote or hand carry bag for a long time… But I should still try to score a Birkin :)

  • OMG seriously amazing!!!! I love seeing the pics and reading everyone’s thoughts on the subject…. am I the only one in #TeamDontMakeMeChoose?!?!?!! LOL!!!!!

  • I’m btchannel. For a long while wanted only for a Kelly until all the photos on instagram converted me. Birkins grow on me. I have decided to own a a Birkin and I did this year. I’m speechless and beyond joy. I truly feel i have made it in life. One Birkin is not enough for me, I am on the hunt for a second Birkin perhaps a smaller size and then I world consider a Kelly to add to my collection. Yes Birkins my preference first. Thank you????????????. Btchannel.

  • I am on team Birkin! I like the easy access! Somehow I always have my hands in my bag for a reason or another! Anything with a lock drives me crazy! I Know myself, will be frustrated all the time ????????But I find the Kelly very elegant! and would use it for special occasions only! Not every day use…

  • I’ve never thought about Hermes, I mean as a bag addict I’v always admired it and thought of it as the ultimate holy grail bag but it has always been out of reach because of its price I have always been a Chanel girl, saved up till I got myself a Classic Flap Bag for my 30th birthday—technically I got it before my 29th- my heart still skips a beat every time I take it out of its dust bag- HOWEVER when I read PurseBop’s entry about buying the Plomb Birkin 35. clemence leather with gold hardware this is was the first time when I’ve seen a Birkin and thought THIS IS IT, the color, size, and leather have hit all the right spots….and now I’ve placed it as my 40th birthday gift from me to me :) Although I’m not sure I can wait that long….any thoughts about Chanel for my 30s and Hermes for my 40s????