Pursebop Meets BopTalk Celebrity @DreamingofH

Tips on handbag shopping, delicious bag eye candy and detailed price comparisons all wrapped up in one exclusive report!

Simply Me… says, SwedishandStylish

Our favorite IG girl shares her fashion inspirations and journey… We are privileged to introduce Boptalk Celebrity @swedishandstylish…

Chanel Family Dinner

Dinner is served!

Chanel Boys Will Be Boys!

The Chanel Boy Craze! The Boy is here to stay and has become a permanent part of the Chanel Classics. A light hearted review with a whimsical display of BOY eyecandy!

Chanel Flower Power

Bohemian inspired Chanel reveal from the current Spring collection themed after Karl Lagerfeld’s protest fashion show in the Grand Palais.

Team Chanel for the SWEEP

WINTER has a whole new meaning this year! It seems every day

Little Red Riding Hood goes ‘Head Over Heels…’

Part II There was a whirlwind of themed activity that followed the arrival

Celebrity News and Fashion Review: PurseBop’s Pick for Billboard Awards (Part Two)

Today we style music artist Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez at the


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