Exploring Scents: Chanel No.5 NYC Exhibit

Chanel brings Coco’s scent to life…

Chanel Boys Will Be Boys!

The Chanel Boy Craze! The Boy is here to stay and has become a permanent part of the Chanel Classics. A light hearted review with a whimsical display of BOY eyecandy!

Chanel Flower Power

Bohemian inspired Chanel reveal from the current Spring collection themed after Karl Lagerfeld’s protest fashion show in the Grand Palais.

Chanel Lucky Charms

This Spring CHANEL has once again released the “Lucky Charms” re-issue 2.55 bag. Truly a handbag that narrates a story as each charm has it’s own significance in relation to Coco Chanel’s life. We share that special story of each charm.

Classic Chanel

In a market full of beautiful designer bags, the Chanel Icon Flap

Chanel Salzberg Métiers d’Art

Photo courtesy: Chanel THE FILM: “Reincarnation” You have Cara Delevingne’s vocals, breathtaking costumes

Oh Boy!

“Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude,

An Icon Never Fades…

Fact: Marilyn Monroe declared it the only thing she wore to bed


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