Four Important Tips Safeguard Your Carry-On Luxury Luggage

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As PurseBop prepares to embark on her journey to Paris Fashion Week, the desire to pack Chanel sweaters and Hermès Chypres is undeniable. However, in the world of high fashion and international travel, the challenge of keeping these luxury treasures secure takes center stage.

Travel can often bring unexpected surprises. Lately, there have been several reports of incidents involving the disappearance of luxury goods during transit. As a community of luxury-loving travelers, it’s crucial to know how to protect our valuables in the wake of these unfortunate events.

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Consider the recent unfortunate situation in which luggage was reportedly targeted while being lost in transit. The bag contained a Rolex watch worth $5,700, along with clothing from Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, among others, worth $14,000. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a happy ending, and none of the contents were recovered. This incident sheds light on the dilemma many luxe lovers face – to check or to not check their valuables. While we always advise against checking luxury items to minimize the risk of theft or loss, we understand that it’s challenging when you have items that simply won’t fit in your carry-on. This is where smart carry-on packing truly shines.

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But the disconcerting narratives don’t end there. Recently, videos have surfaced on social media, casting a shadow of doubt over TSA security. The footage in question captures two Miami-based TSA agents collaborating in order to pilfer from the screened carry-on luggage of unsuspecting passengers. Thankfully, the TSA agents in question were identified, arrested, and subsequently charged.

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These headlines serve as a stark reminder of the risks associated with traveling with expensive items. Consider this a gentle reminder to take proactive measures when packing luxury for travel. Of course, this is not to suggest that you leave your prized possessions behind; instead, be discreet and strategic in your approach. Now, more than ever, we must exercise unwavering vigilance when securing our valuables – all in the name of ensuring that our journeys remain smooth. 

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Elevating Your Carry-On Game

Mastering the fine art of bag nesting is an essential step when it comes to packing skillfully. For obvious reasons, we firstly always recommend packing anything of value in your carry-on luggage, and not putting luxury items in checked bags.

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However, today we are homing in on the finer details, and exploring the importance of safeguarding those little luxuries within your carry-ons. When it comes to jewelry, small leather goods, and our beloved mini bags, safety, and security are still paramount when traveling with carry-on luggage. 

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The Louis Vuitton Neverfull approach is no longer making the cut, nor is the coveted Dior Book Tote. Simply put, any open-top tote is a big no no. While it’s no secret that these open-totes offer plenty of room for your belongings, and easy access – this is no longer the ideal travel companion. Instead, opt for a tote bag with a secure zipper fastening, and  it needn’t be covered in monogram or big brand logos. However, if you’re still seeking a luxury travel tote, we’d direct you toward the Goyard Artois.

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Whether you’re strolling toward your departure gate or navigating airport security, knowing your items are safely enclosed cannot be overstated. So, make the switch to a zippered tote, and ensure your travel experience is as stylish as it is secure.

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Securing Your Little Luxuries 

But there’s more you can do to protect your valuables. Who hasn’t had a moment of concern or panic leaving an unattended wallet or watch in a TSA bin while going through the body scan. The modern traveler needs to be more strategic about carry-on luggage, to avoid chaos at security.

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If you’re traveling with precious jewelry or luxury watches, prepare beforehand for security clearance. In addition to using your zippered tote, pack any small items within a jewelry pouch, nestled within another larger secure pouch, or in a zip lock bag. Luxury nesting, perhaps? Your jewelry can then be stored safely at the very bottom of your tote bag, or in a zippered pocket. 

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The aim of the game is to conceal your valuables like a pro. Stowing your precious items away in appropriately-sized bags or pouches, certainly makes it more difficult to be removed by curious hands during a quick baggage search. Ultimately, your strategic packing needs to ensure that nothing of value remains easily accessible during your travels. 

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AirTags: Smart Travel Tracking 

Thankfully, personal tracking devices are now readily available, and these small, unassuming gadgets are game-changing when it comes to travel. Consider adding an AirTag to your carry-on luggage and tote bag – each AirTag will provide real-time tracking for your belongings. 

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In the unfortunate event that you misplace your luggage, AirTags have a built-in anti-theft feature. As a result, you can activate Lost Mode, which will notify you when your item is found by another Apple user – which ultimately increases your chances of recovering your luggage. 

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Security Checkpoint Essentials for Men  

These security concerns are not limited to women either. For luxury-loving men, whether they choose a traditional carry-on bag or not, navigating airport security can pose a challenge, due to accessories and valuables. Whether you’re an avid watch collector, a jewelry enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates luxe accessories, the security checkpoint can raise some genuine concerns.

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Now, we’re not assuming here, but some men tend to have fewer options for securing their smaller items such as watches, belts, phones, and wallets at security. We’re all aware of the routine –  pockets must be emptied, and items must be placed in bins for screening. However, this process can certainly be anxiety-inducing, especially since loose items are more susceptible to being misplaced or lost in the process.  

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To address these concerns, we recommend a practical solution. Consider using a zippered tote, a small crossbody, or even a zip lock bag – anything to secure loose items. These options allow you to neatly and safely contain everything in one place before you even reach the security checkpoint, ensuring a seamless transition to the airside. This simple step can significantly reduce the stress of openly handing over your precious Rolex and other high-value items during any security checks. Furthermore, using a secure opaque bag not only conceals your valuables but also makes it harder for an item to miraculously disappear during the hustle and bustle of the process. 

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Image courtesy: @leoniehanne

In a world of traveling with our beloved luxury, elegance should always meet vigilance. As we jet-set on our next adventure, let’s remember that safeguarding our valuables is imperative for seamless travel. With this proactive mindset, we can enjoy our trips alongside our favorite luxury pieces. Bon voyage!

Published: September 29th, 2023
Updated: September 29th, 2023

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  • I know that we all want to look extremely stylish when we travel. However, years ago, I realized that carrying extremely expensive luggage and looking like I had a lot of valuables, made me a target. When I travel now, I do not like my bags to look expensive. I keep my Hermès handbags nested, but in an old extra large J.Crew tote. I have not used my full set of Louis Vuitton luggage in years. I don’t use my Louis Vuitton carry-on, roller bag. I declined to purchase the Hermès carry-on when it was offered to me. There is a certain feeling of comfort, flying into Saint Martin airport, knowing that my “NAUTICA” bag, will be the last one to be stolen.