The Most Popular Handbag News Articles of 2021!

So long! Ciao! Au revoir! No matter which way you bid adieu, 2021 has been a year that many can say we’re glad to put behind us. Though the pandemic surged on, the past twelve months have been nothing short of eventful- especially in the luxury world. This year provided us with headlines and events that, frankly, we’re STILL talking about. From price increases to stock shortages, collaborations and reveals, we’ve rounded up the top ten stories of 2021! Have a look below and let us know which event, piece of news or insightful analysis really stuck out for you this year. Any predictions as to what next year will bring? Sound off and let us know!…

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First up- we have our beloved Hermès. Every year, we at PurseBop are dedicated to sharing all the latest and greatest in Hermès news with all you orange-box aficionados. Below are just some of the articles our readers gushed over the most. Interested in even more? Click on the following links for Hermès content you need to know…

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The all important question- how do I get a Kelly or a Birkin? It is one that has been asked by Hermès lovers for ages, and one we hope to help answer. Here, we give you our top tips on how to score your first (or second, or third) Hermès bag- and even how to get more than one in a year.

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The Hermès “game” is more than what meets the eye. It is the most unique purchasing process in the fashion world- period. Part of the Hermès journey is cultivating a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your SA- the person who’ll be helping you in getting your dream bag. Here, we provide our advice on how to establish and grow that all-important connection with your Hermès Sales Associate.

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Color, leather, hardware, model. All these factors are indescribably important when choosing which Hermès bag you’d like. What’s arguably just as important (or even more so) is price. The Birkin is one of the most expensive handbags in the world, and so it is definitely worth while to keep up with the latest prices. We got you covered with the numbers you need to know here.

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One of the most exciting parts about selecting your Hermès bag is all the colors you can choose from! Whether classic neutrals or pops of bright hues, each season provides new opportunities to select or create unique combinations of Birkins and Kellys. This year, Hermès gave us a delightful range of new shades for SS 2021. The big news though? Pink is in! With four different tones, pink lovers everywhere rejoiced over the news- but pink wasn’t the only colour Hermès gave us to celebrate the warm season…

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The elusive Hermès Special Order process. For the lucky few, the opportunity to create your very own Birkin or Kelly is one that is approached with the utmost amount of care, contemplation and consideration. What color should I choose? What about hardware? Should I go for Epsom or Togo leather? Sellier or Retourne? To help you all in answering some of these questions, we’ve compiled the insider’s guide to the entire SO process- and included the sweetest reveal too!

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Next up- Chanel! The luxury house was a paper mill of newsworthy events this year, churning out headlines to make us swoon and gasp at the same time. Here are some headlines from the house of Coco that were so nice, we read them twice! Want some more Chanel content? Here are some links to tickle your fancy…

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Hot off the runway, the big trend for this season is color- and a lot of it! From pinks and purples, to silvers and golds, girly chic was on display on the Chanel runway, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t say we were tempted to buy the oh-so-adorable heart shaped bag ourselves! We’ve included all the images of some of the most popular styles here. Have a look and start prepping your wishlist for next year!

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O.M.G. The price increase news for this year was off the chart. The source of all our jaw dropping dismay and car-filling panic? Chanel. Yes, Chanel was the talk of the town this year with multiple price increases and even purchase limits on some of its most popular bags. Right before the holiday season this year, Chanel announced what was arguably it’s most shocking price increase yet. With a Jumbo Classic Flap now on par with the price of an Hermès Birkin 25, read all about the latest prices in advance for your next purchase.

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We just don’t understand it, what could it possibly be? How is Chanel able to drive up the prices of its bags not one, not two, but countless times this year? We heard you loud and clear. The questions were pouring in, and you needed answers. Here, we break it down for you. What’s the real reason behind the new Chanel prices? Does it really come down to supply? Or is there another reason behind everyone’s favorite house becoming more and more untouchable?…

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And now- Goyard! A brand worthy of being talked about so much more than it is, we at PurseBop are fans of the ever elusive Goyard. As the brand continues to gain an avid following, we figured it would be helpful to present our readers with some useful content in cultivating their Goyard collection. Are you in love with the brand just as much as we are? Then take a look at some of these fun reads below…

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Do we love a good tote bag? For sure! A Goyard tote bag? ABSOLUTELY. As stylish as they are durable, Goyard’s range of tote bags (among others) are a must-have for any handbag lover. A mysterious brand, though, getting a solid answer on the price for one of these darling delicacies can sometimes be a challenge. In this guide, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know for your Goyard shopping spree.

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2021 was a year of firsts for us at PurseBop! In addition to our comprehensive coverage on all things luxury handbag (and fashion), we took our first foray into the world of high jewelry! One of our favorite brands is the timeless and elegant Van Cleef & Arpels. From care guides to reveal stories, we shared our love for the Alhambra brand with all of you. Here’s to even more coverage in the new year, but in the meantime, take a look at some other VCA content…

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Ever wanted to put together the ultimate VCA collection? From alhambra to lotus, guilloche to pave, the luxury jewelry house boasts a selection worth swooning over. But how do you get it just right for you? Do you enjoy stacking or subtlety? Mixed metals or consistency? We help you answer some of these questions in this how-to guide to help you curate the perfect Van Cleef & Arpels collection.

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Well, here we are! With 2021 in the books, our gaze looks ahead to 2022. What will the new year bring? Any predictions on what we’ll be talking about then? What was your favorite story from this past year? Whatever your answer, one thing’s for certain- we couldn’t have done it without you…

Happy New Year PurseBop family, here’s to you…

Love Always, PurseBop


Published: December 27th, 2021
Updated: December 27th, 2021