What’s The Deal With These Reported Inflated Hermès Kelly Prices?

We’re observing a new inflation in the cost of Hermès Kellys. Not to worry, it’s not necessarily hitting your wallet. However, it’s now occurred so many times that it cannot be an accident. Consider this the media’s lesson in Hermès pricing. 

What are we talking about? When news stories emerge about Hermès Birkins and Kellys, the prices listed always are multiples over retail. As we do a double take, the source becomes evident, at least to us. Clearly, the reporter assigned is not an Hermès collector. In searching for the cost of the bag to provide ‘shock value’ as in ‘they paid how much’ there’s nothing about the B or K on the Hermès website. The only prices they can find are at resellers.

Just today, we have two examples. Interestingly, both are Kelly bags. Naturally that leads us to wonder whether and how far the Kelly has overtaken the Birkin as a HGB. But that is for another day. In the meantime, read our prior thoughts on this:
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First, Kim K just gifted her former assistant and (another) BFF what appears to be a Black Epsom Kelly 20 (or mini K). 

We certainly would love a friend (or employer) like that! 

Photo credit: @kimkardashian via The U.S. Sun

Photo credit: @kimkardashian via The U.S. Sun

More to the point, however, is that article lists the price of the bag as $25K. Now, if you’ve been lucky enough to nab one of these bags at the Hermès boutique, you know it sells for around $8K. The threefold multiple is at a reseller. You can see for yourself HERE. 

Similarly, another article reports that Sofia Richie carried her Kelly apparently unaware it was open.  Not clear why this is newsworthy exactly, but go with it. 


Photo credit: The Daily Mail – Sofia Richie

What appears to be a Gold Kelly 25 or 28 Retourne is listed in the piece as costing $35K. Again, experienced Hermès shoppers know that, depending upon leather, this Kelly 25 price ranges from around $11-13K, give or take (read: Hermès Kelly Bag Prices  – Retourne and Sellier Styles). The three-fold value is even an exaggeration for the secondary market. The true prices of a brand new Kelly 25 or Kelly 28 Retourne would be closer to $25K, see for yourself HERE. 

Nor is this the first time we’ve discussed news sources over-stating the cost of our prized bags. You may recall that one outlet declared Cardi B’s Cargo Birkin to cost $65-80K – or thrice the actual cost. That is if you can get it.

Photo credit: IG @IamCardiB and Page Six – Read: Schooling the Press on the Price of Cardi B’s Hermès Cargo Birkin

Of course, these inflated prices are not necessarily what you would pocket if rehoming your bag. But they could be what you pay if you succumb to immediate desire for the hottest hard-to-get Hermès treasure. Furthermore, typically the elevated pricing is for rare and new in box. That used Birkin 35 likely won’t get more than what you paid… which is still a pretty good deal.

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Published: September 21st, 2021
Updated: September 21st, 2021

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