YouTube Star Unlocks His ‘Museum of Fashion’ Containing Rare LV and Hermès Pieces

Coveted makeup guru and YouTube personality, Jeffree Star, has let us into what he describes as his “secret world” with an in depth tour of his pink vault closet. In one of his most requested videos on YouTube, he showcases his collection of handbags and luxury items. Star’s assortment of luxury goods has been 15 years in the making and boasts one of the world’s largest Birkin collections (including not one but two Himalayan Birkins in different sizes!) The YouTuber proudly proclaims, “This is a museum of fashion.”

Jeffree Star with his Birkin collection Photo courtesy: jeffreestar/YouTube

We can therefore see why the collection is housed in Star’s panic room. It’s an actual vault (complete with a pink door) with walls made from stainless steel AND they’re bulletproof. As if that wasn’t secure enough, entry to the vault requires a retina and fingerprint scan. The vault even has its own armed guard inside at all times – he was present in Star’s video giving us major Men In Black vibes. We can’t lie and say we wouldn’t want to protect our bags in the same way!

The beauty guru’s collection is certainly a lot to take in. So here at Pursebop we’ve broken down his handbag collection for you. Enjoy!

Louis Vuitton

Introducing his viewers to the vault, he points to the Louis Vuitton wall, what he describes as “the most important wall in the room”. A keen lover of LV, it is no surprise that this was the brand that started it all for Star. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Trouville was the first ever handbag that the YouTuber bought, over 15 years ago. He explains how he’ll never part with it for sentimental reasons. Star remarks, “It reminds me of where I came from”. He feels the same way about purchases two and three, both in Multicolore Monogram which was discontinued back in 2015.

Could you ever bear to part with your first designer handbag?
What pieces from your collection could you never let go of for sentimental reasons?

Star next to his Louis Vuitton wall Photo courtesy: jeffreestar/YouTube

Jeffree Star carrying his first ever designer handbag, the Louis Vuitton Trouville Photo courtesy: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment

Star is no stranger to a limited edition collection. He claims, “I love things that hold their value over time”. His selection of LV bags includes pieces from the limited edition Monogram Miroir collection which he credits Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian with making famous back in 2007.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian posing with their Louis Vuitton Almas from the limited edition Monogram Miroir collection Photo courtesy: @parishilton

The wall sports newer designs too like the Giant Monogram canvas that’s proving popular for Summer 2019. Star also has speedys from the limited edition Leonardo Da Vinci collection from the brand’s 2017 collaboration with Jeff Koons.

Photo courtesy: @kogenatsu920

Photo courtesy: Louis Vuitton

The YouTuber’s collection of LV Capucines is to die for. Will he be one of the lucky few to snap up a piece from the limited edition ArtCapucines collection?
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Louis Vuitton’s limited-edition ArtyCapucines handbags in collaboration with six artists Photo courtesy: Louis Vuitton

Gazing at his LV Egg bag, which caused quite a stir when it debuted at the Louis Vuitton SS19 show, he simply states, “I like weird pieces”. Nothing says this more than his Soft Trunk in white crocodile leather that is worth $33,000. Star believes the piece will only go up in value along with many others in his collection. “Some of the bags in his vault will be worth quadruple if not 10 times the amount in 5 years, it’s an investment.” Star is nothing but a businessman at heart.

LV Egg bag at the SS19 Show Photo courtesy: Indigital

Louis Vuitton’s Soft Trunk in white crocodile leather, worth $33,000 Photo courtesy: @_hedonists_

As the makeup guru continues to show us around his vault, he sits down behind what he describes as “some of the most famous and sought after luggage in the world”. His favourites include the Supreme Keepall from LV’s collaboration with the popular streetwear brand. When speaking about purchasing pieces from the collection, which came out in late 2017, he remarks, “It was a bloodbath to get it”. 

Photo courtesy: jeffreestar/YouTube

Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with streetwear brand Supreme proved popular Photo courtesy: @lv_supreme

The Keepall Prism is another love of Star’s. The brainwork of Virgil Abloh, the newly appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear, the Keepall Prism has quickly become a firm favourite of many LV lovers. Star describes it as “one of the most sought after bags this year”. He even gave one away on his YouTube channel. He believes Abloh has successfully taken the brand to the next level.

Keepall Prism Photo courtesy: @lvstephanie_tysons

What are your thoughts on Virgil Abloh’s designs?


Star first mentions Hermès during the tour when pulling open a drawer in his closet to reveal 14 Hermès wallets. Once you feast your eyes on his Birkin collection you will see how the wallets are just a warm-up for the big Birkin reveal.

Photo courtesy: jeffreestar/YouTube

First inspired by a Sex and the City episode on the iconic bag, Star now owns one of the biggest Birkin collections in the world. Among the most expensive and rare bags in his collection are not one but two Hermès Niloticus Crocodile Himalayan Birkin bags in different sizes. He jokes how he could buy a few homes with the money he spent on the bags.
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Photo courtesy: @pursebop

Another favourite of the YouTuber’s is his very rare Diamond Exotic Birkin. reported in 2016 that a Birkin bag is a better investment than stocks and even gold. It is therefore no surprise that forward-thinking Star seems to be investing his fortune in Birkins instead of on the stock market. After all, a Birkin is certainly a more beautiful investment.

Diamond Exotic Birkin Photo courtesy: Hermès Paris

So many of his Birkins come in Star’s signature colour. He told his viewers, “A lot of people love black and brown purses but pink, obviously, is my colour”.

Photo courtesy: jeffreestar/YouTube


Star’s Chanel collection is by no means as large as his collection of Hermès, but enviable none the less. His love of colours, especially his signature pink, can be seen across all the brands that he collects. When you’re Jeffree Star it would seem you don’t stand out enough as it is and therefore must carry a neon Chanel Boy bag.

Photo courtesy: jeffreestar/Youtube

The YouTuber appears to be a fan of exotics. In light of the brand’s self-imposed ban last December, stating that it would no longer use exotic skins, including alligator, crocodile, snake, furs and more, how are fans like Star responding to this?
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Photo courtesy: jeffreestar/YouTube

Star concluded his closet tour by teasing us about more secrets to come. If we had to guess, we’d say he’s got a lot more limited edition gems behind that pink vault door of his.

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