To Kelly, or not to Kelly?

An obsession has overcome me in recent months and it’s not the

Attempted Hermes Reveal for SuperBowl XLIX

In keeping with PurseBop’s SuperBowl tradition and in honor of celebrating my

No Birkin

In honor of the unofficial Hermes week we’re celebrating here at Pursebop.com, my

Super Bag XLVIII

Following the interview,  and in celebration of my Birkin Anniversary, I’ll repost the

Karlito’s Cruise Adventures…

Recently I had a talk with Karlito about his cruise experience over

Happy New Year

My dearest friends and followers from around the world… Thank you for

Chanel Fire Dance…

Part II REVEALED : Let’s Review Part One  PurseBop’s Swinging Celebration  Pursebop’s

Swoop there it is: Louis Vuitton

Let’s set the scene: Karlito sets out on a mission to secretly spy

Karlito’s Swinging Celebration!

Good evening friends, Welcome to the first of a tripartite series.  


It was inevitable that PurseBop would sucuumb to the long lasting temptation

Chanel Welcomes Karlito: The Homecoming Video

PurseBop.com has a new home and to celebrate we have a special

Seafoam Kisses…

Dream with me… Chanel Boy Bag 14K Green Metallic Calf Love, PurseBop XO (p.s.

ULTIMATE Spring Fling With BLING

It isn’t a secret that PurseBop has been trying her hand at

The Golden BOYS, not Girls



These bouquets are tribute to all the incredible ‘mommies’ that shape our


Pick all THREE and you are the WINNER … Mr. Lagerfeld’s SPRING

Who will don the GREEN JACKET?

Continuing PBL coverage of the Masters…THE FINAL ROUND Sunday has arrived and

PurseBop Live (PBL) from Masters…

Move Over ‘SO BLACK’ I really can’t get over the fact that an

The Fuchsia FRENZY…

As the snow begins to melt, our thoughts drift away to sun

“whats in a name…?”

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any

Lost her SHOE… found her CLUTCH

Continued from #FFFF: Fun Filled Fall Feast… In the shimmering moonlit pumpkin

#FFFF: Fun Filled Fall Feast

Ok folks, it’s time to begin my #FFFF! It’s going to be


What is it about Wimbledon that makes it the most prestigious tennis

Mini Matters

  Just for fun, let’s imagine for a moment that we are

Master of all Masters

PurseBop takes you through her own ‘handbag version’ of the Masters Golf tournament. Come meet the 2013 Champion: Chanel So Black.


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