Chapter 4: Double Fisted with Dior & Chanel in Monte Carlo

Bonus feature:
This personal recount of my Monte Carlo indulgences comes as a bonus post. I am limiting the specific details to only the treasures featured in the picture story board from Chapter 3: Taste of Laduree, Dash of Dior & a full serving of Chanel.  I tried the ‘mime’ version, but I feel compelled to share the details.

Monte Carlo is truly one of the the most magical cities I have been to in recent travels. The opulence, the style, & the energy transport you to another era. Not to mention, the shopping and selections were the finest we had experienced in Côte d’ Azur.


The view of Monte Carlo from the rooftop of the Four Seasons.


The shopping domes or pavilions just constructed  in the last year house the finest designers such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Celine and YSL, to name few. A bag lover’s heaven, we found the most handbag selections from every luxury  brand here.


The Dior stop was one of my most memorable shopping moments of the trip. I’ll share some pictures I took while contemplating mini choices, but we’ll save the Lady Dior magic for another post. Let’s concentrate on the Dior Fusion Sneakers I reveal in the previous post.





Mr. PurseBop was Dior & Chanel double fisted in Monte Carlo.



The sneakers were a total impulse buy for me, I had no idea what the prices were like in the US for the Dior Fusion Collection. I always thought I should add a pair for fun & comfortable travel but I’d never tried them. These were the latest release & the bling just did their thing, LOL.


The Chanel pavillion in Monte Carlo is the scene and place that all  of us went a little wild. Both Rita and Amber have recounted their experiences and reveals. I’ll share one of my two here:

The scene that has been so vividly described on the second floor will forever be etched in my memory. The number of exquisite blingy handbags that swept our attention cannot ever be forgotten. Combined with the energy of 5 enthusiastic fashionistas, bottles of flowing champagne and the 5 ‘MR’S’ made for a movie scene, I’m sure we were a sight! Between all of us, a handsome contribution to the Chanel fountain was indeed made.

 11One of the PurseBop treasures…

In keeping with the tradition of our Shopping Adventures in France series let’s take a look at some pricing math.

Dior Sneakers

RegionDior Sneakers
VAT Refund (approx. 10%)- €95
Cost after VAT€855
US $ Equivalent$972

Chanel Clutch

RegionChanel Clutch
VAT Refund (approx. 10%)- €470
Cost after VAT€4,230
US $ Equivalent$4,808

Let’s do some SHOE math…

Dior Shoes in the US: $1,300 + $133 (tax 10.25%) = $1,433 total

Dior Shoes in the Europe: €950 – €95 (VAT refund 10%) = €855 = $972 total

What I saved: $1,433 – $972 = $461 (approximately 33% savings)

I was pleasantly surprised to come home and see my savings! I really wish I had bought the traditional FUSION pair I loved too.

PurseBop is no newcomer to Chanel, nor to the exquisite runway pieces made each season. The display of tantalizing treasures was so difficult to select from. My goal was to find something unique if I could, something that was not going to be seen repeatedly. I also wanted to find something unlike the other blingy pieces from my collection (this can be challenging).

I had not seen this piece before, nor did I know the US price, and it’s shape intrigued me. It’s relatively flat structure made it an ideal travel piece for my lifestyle (something I am considering more and more with my purchases). It’s thin delicate traditional chain strap was long enough to wear over the shoulder for a cocktail event and possibly even long enough for a more casual cross body occasion. The leather was my favorite lambskin, and of course the crowning jewel had to be the swarovski bling, LOL. Would be great carried as a clutch, (although clutch’ing not really my style).

To see full Chanel reveal pictures click here…


My latest beauty hides amongst the sea of bling…


DSC04761 - Version 2

Let’s do some handbag math…

Chanel Clutch in the US: $5,700 + $584 (tax rate 10.25%) = $6,284 total

Chanel Clutch in Europe: €4,700 – €470 = €4,230 = $4,808 total

What I saved:$6,284 – $4,808 = $1,476 (approximately 23% savings)

Clearly what we can see is that Chanel prices can still vary from item to item despite price harmonization. Interestingly, the discount percentage here (~ 23%) was more than Amber’s clutch from the same collection (~18%) and  considerably less than her WOC (~33%). Do remember Rita’s RTW and Boy tote saw considerably less or virtually insignificant savings (~10%).

Chanel savings vary item to item, so do your homework if pricing plays a role in your choices.


Damage Done. I requested Mr. PurseBop to pose with 2 of the 4 major Monte Carlo purchases. The gentlemen were so FINISHED with our shopping expeditions. It was time for a different kind of fun.


The view of the Monte Carlo Casino from the Four Seasons rooftop. You can also catch a glimpse of Buddha Bar at the top of the staircase in red. Construction was rampant in the heart of the city.


After a long days hard work of shopping and frolicking, finally feet up with cocktails & shisha at the Four Seasons rooftop.


This contribution to the post is from Mr. PurseBop. We stood for a good 10 minutes and watched our flying friend savor the most breathtaking sunset with us…


She even looked away when the sunset was sealed with a kiss (SWAK) ~remember SWAK anyone?

 16Casino Time: the day would not be complete without a few rounds of blackjack… PurseBop won just about enough for a pair of Hermes twillies ~ 180 euros to be exact, hehe. . 

Love PurseBop

Published: October 13th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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  • such a delightful post with incredible eyecandy (inlcuding beautiful views)!!! Loved it!!! And you won 180 euros? How cool is that!!!! It makes me really happy to see how much fun you had in your trip and love reading all about it!!!! xoxo