Givenchy Greatness: The Antigona Reference Guide

Let’s take a moment to talk about Givenchy‘s most iconic bag: The Givenchy Antigona. Many of you are probably already familiar with the Antigona since it has been toted by countless celebrities and has been a popular bag in the handbag world for the past, few years. However, it’s still worth learning about the Givenchy in an in-depth manner because its innovative construction has inspired many other bags. It is also a great staple bag, so if you’re looking for collection essentials, consider the Givenchy Antigona!

What to expect from this Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide…

  1. Features and History
  2. Sizes
  3. Prices
  4. Special Styles
  5. Best Looks
  6. Celebrity Sightings
  7. Instagram Eye Candy
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Photo Courtesy: Wendy’s Lookbook

Features and History

For a little bit of history, the Givenchy Antigona was first introduced in the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011 collection, and has been reiterated in many different colors and materials since then.

The Antigona is a satchel with a silhouette similar to a duffle bag. The Givenchy Antigona seems to be loved by so many because of its simplicity. It is a structured bag with clean lines, so it has a very sophisticated, sleek aesthetic but with a little bit of edginess. Similar to other bags like the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, the Antigona is a traditional bag style with a modernized look.

Features include:

  • Two Top Handles
  • Detachable Strap for crossbody wear
  • Top Zip Closure
  • Interior Zip Pocket and Two Slip Pickets

The Givenchy Antigona comes in three sizes: Mini, Small, and Medium.

Common materials include Smooth, Box, or Textured Calfskin, Grained Goatskin, and exotics such as Python, Ostrich and Crocodile.


Dimensions Smallest to Largest (L X H X W inches)

Antigona SizeDimensions
Givenchy Antigona Mini8.7 x 7.7 x 5.3"
Givenchy Antigona Small11 X 9.45 X 6.5"
Givenchy Antigona Medium13.4 X 11.4 X 7.5"


Prices listed for basic leather options

Antigona SizePrice in USD
Givenchy Antigona Mini$1,750
Givenchy Antigona Small$2,280
Givenchy Antigona Medium$2,435

Special Styles

Givenchy Antigona Small Crocodile Bag via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Antigona Mixed-Exotic Leather Satchel via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Antigona Medium Two-Tone Laser-Cut Leather Satchel via Saks Fifth Avenue

Best Looks

The Antigona is such a versatile bag that it will adapt to almost any outfit you pair it with. If you need style suggestions though, check out the looks below.

Neutral Lovers

The Antigona is a very minimalist bag with clean lines, which is why it is perfect for those who like a more simple, understated aesthetic. Many people tend to buy Antigona bags in more neutral colors like black, nude, and light pink so that the shape of the bag can speak for itself.


Photo Courtesy: ShopStyle

Street Chic

The Antigona is just a really cool bag that will make you FEEL effortlessly cool! It has a bit of edginess to it due to its sharp, angular lines and will work well for street-style looks.


Photo Courtesy: EjStyle

Flirty & Feminine

The Givenchy Antigona is a classic satchel shape and speaks perfectly to feminine looks. Since it does have a boxy silhouette, it will help balance out more flowy, flirty clothing such as dresses and skirts.


Photo Courtesy: Kendi Everyday

Celebrity Sightings

The Givenchy Antigona has been a longtime celebrity favorite! See who’s been spotted toting the Antigona below, and see other stars who are obssessed with Givenchy as well in our 10 Celebs Who Score Major Glam Points for their Givenchy Game feature.

Kylie Jenner

Jada Pinkett Smith

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Khloe Kardashian

Instagram Eye Candy

We may see the Givenchy Antigona everywhere, but we still feel like our very own fashionistas pull it off the best! Check out the instagram eye candy below for more real-life comparison shots.

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Published: April 10th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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