The Perfect Birkin: Green, Ghillies & Gorgeous – Part 2

I am delighted to make ‘Birkins for birthdays’ a tradition, LOL! It’s by no means an age old tradition but it is the second consecutive year for B’s on my B-Day, so I say “keep ’em coming”, God willing. This is something I am happy to get used to!

This one’s a real treat though… let me explain.

Since the very beginning of my Hermes days, one of my favorite colors has been bamboo. I remember browsing through pictures in  my early IG days, and it seemed like all our royal Hermes aficionados were revealing these lucky, vivid green charms. I drooled with happy envy each and every time. My absolutely amazing Hermes sales associate has put up with my bamboo rant for the last couple of years. I almost caved and bought a bamboo jypsiere last summer to satisfy the craving. I am so glad I managed to temporarily suppress that one!

I’ll share just a little about that infamous H call:

This time all I knew was is it was a bamboo B. Truthfully, he had me at BAMBOO. It could have been a B50 or a Birkin with purple hardware, and I doubt I would have said NO. The call came on a Friday and as usual we reached Saturday… near 6 pm.. Mr. PurseBop and I were pushing to get to the store before closing…thankfully we didn’t have to deal with a snow storm this time, LOL (remember this one: The Hermes Reveal of Miss BopTalk).


The unveiling: I had no idea what size to expect until I saw the box dimensions and knew it had to be a 30cm! Bamboo and B30 was perfection by my definition already.


It was this precise moment that the icing on the cake just got creamier, like rich butter cream ‘creamier’. The ghillies details peeked out from the canvas creating that second ooohhhh ahhhh sound that happens when the handles first make their appearance (at least for me, LOL)!

For those of you who would like an up-close look at the latest addition,  I’ve shared every detail down below about “Ms Ghillies Bamboo” from color, size, leather and more!


Vital Stats
Name: Ms. Ghillies Bamboo
Style: Birkin Ghillies
Color: Bamboo
Hardware: Palladium
Size: B30
Leather: Body – Togo, Trim – Swift

The Ghillies detailing made the bag so much more special to me. The fact that it was a Ghillies Birkin maybe even somehow made up for the eternity of waiting. Although I have no stats,  we can safely assume only a small percentage of the bamboo baggies out there are ghillies style and even fewer are actually birkins. Suffice to say, I feel like I made a major score (thanks to my amazing sales associate)!

Another thing to note about the Ghillies Birkin is the price difference from the plain leather Birkin. For reference, a togo B30 is $10,900 here in the US, and a Ghillies B30 is $12,300 ( so $1,400 more). While this is still a significant difference, the ghillies trim is so unique and labor intensive  that the difference may be justifiable.

To learn all about the Hermes Ghillies bags visit: Hermes 101 – Hermes Ghillies




Ghillies Details



Ms. Ghillies Bamboo bag has palladium hardware and it is only the second palladium hardware bag I own. I tend to gravitate to gold hardware, so this is a nice change for me. I do think the palladium hardware complements the green particularly well!



As I mentioned before, bamboo is one of Hermes’ shades I’ve admired for the longest time. I’m more of a pinks, orange and red girl, but nonetheless still love a variety of colors. This green bamboo is deeply saturated, amazingly vivid and pops in real life as much as it does on camera. I am delighted to have diversified my H collection with this bamboo green and also recently with the Kelly 32 in blue paradis (read: Hermes Kelly Reveal: The Perfect Fit).

To play dress up with the Hermes Rainbow, check out The Many Shades of Hermes with fabulous color charts from @italianfashionista.





If someone were to ask me my favorite size of Birkin, you’d need to grant me a solid window of time to explain because as my collection and experiences grow, my preferences and explanations are becoming more articulate. This is a Birkin 30, and for me it’s the perfect ‘pop’ color size. I love this size for day/nights out. I say ‘pop’ color because it’s not the size that I would want for my work horse neutrals. I see the B30 category as the frequently rotated size… as compared to my B35’s that I use more for travel and work. What I particularly appreciate about the B30 is the ability to transition it from day to evening easily. I personally avoid carrying the B35’s in evenings, or more formal crowded settings. I feel as though I am bumping people with my little square suitcase, LOL (Read: Don’t Get Rid of Your Larger Bags Just Yet!).

To learn about and compare Hermes Birkin sizes: From Mini to More – Hermes Birkin Sizes



This will be my first two-tone leather experience with an Hermes bag. Although the body of the bag is togo, the trims, sides and handles are all swift leather. Swift is a smoother, softer skin that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. It is also more delicate than togo. Since this is likely not a staple neutral bag that will be used daily for weeks on end, I am not concerned with the more delicate nature of the swift trims. I have a few CDC’s in swift and they have stood the test of wear beautifully.  In fact, I like that I have this swift detailing on a size 30.

To learn about the other leathers Hermes offers: Hermes Learning Process


I appreciate every aspect of Ms Ghillies Bamboo. Of course, I love the bag itself, but the journey of purchasing it with Mr. PurseBop and  ‘she’ commemorating my birthday will always make this a very special Birkin!



Relive the reveal through my video presentation! Sit back and relax… it’s showtime!

Published: July 17th, 2016
Updated: February 2nd, 2020

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