Hermès Collector Jamie Chua Reveals Her Luxury Packing Secrets

Legendary handbag collector, businesswomen and “Instagram Queen” Jamie Chua shared her top tips for overseas packing in a YouTube video and here at PurseBop we have been hanging onto her every word. (As we’ve done ever since we had the chance to interview her in 2017! Read: Exclusive Interview With Hermès Collector Jamie Chua)

The video chronicles her packing for a trip to Hong Kong and has over 1.1 million views. Chua is no stranger to traveling in style, so it is only fitting that she has great tips on how to pack to ensure you stay looking chic however long your trip may be. 

Let’s take a closer look!

Chua is used to traveling in style. Photo courtesy of @ec24m

Chua is also famous for her enviable Birkin collection. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

So How Does Jamie Chua Pack?

Chua certainly makes use of her open plan walk-in closet when packing. By hanging outfits up on walls she can visually plan her looks with ease.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

For one of her outfits Chua selected a white shirt with frills, a bejewelled black A-line skirt and black latex thigh-high healed boots.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

Once the outfit is picked Chua selects a handbag to go with it. In this case one design simply wasn’t enough, so she picked two. First, a Mini Kelly in black croc with gold hardware, which she described as her favorite black Kelly.

She also wanted to take a bigger handbag for practicality, so she chose a Birkin of the same color, also in croc. She described the design as her “handy travel bag” that she takes on almost all of her trips. Talk about versatility!

Chua reaching for her favorite Mini Kelly. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

Chua carrying a Birkin from her famous collection. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

For another outfit Chua selected a white corset and skirt combo. When it came to deciding on a matching handbag, she simply couldn’t decide (with a collection that size we’re not sure we could either)!

She eventually narrowed it down to two bags: a white Kelly with a mink handle and a rare Himalaya Kelly. She decided to pack both and select one when she arrived in Hong Kong.

Chua’s white Kelly with furry mink handle. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

Chua points to her Himalaya Kelly. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

Once she chose her outfits and handbags to match, Chua looked at an overview of the contents to ensure nothing was missing. In this instance she had selected several Kelly bags, including two minis, and a Birkin—pretty foolproof if you ask us!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Chua/YouTube.

What Are PurseBop's Top Tips for Packing?

A Chanel Boy packed inside a Birkin 30.

A Birkin 30 inside a Goyard Artois.

Do you agree with Jamie Chua’s and PurseBop’s top travel tips? Which tips will you be implementing on your next trip? Let us know how you travel in style below!

Published: October 28th, 2019
Updated: October 29th, 2019

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