Hermès Reveal: Imagine Caramel with a Dash of Rose d’Ete

by Maura Carlin
Managing Editor, PurseBop

What’s caramel on the outside and pink on the inside? Well, it could be a caramel coated jelly donut. Or a caramel pink lady apple. In this case, however, it’s really of the orange variety. That is, Hermes. 

Caramel donuts, Krispy Kreme

Rarely does a handbag take my breath away. Years ago, I rejected my first several Birkin offers (read: Saying NO to a Birkin is hard to do…). 

Unlike PurseBop, getting “the call” makes me nervous rather than excited. Decisive me becomes woefully wishy-washy. Never sure the offering is really what I want, I hem and haw. Then, I second guess.

This time was different. I knew in advance that something was coming. Details were limited but enough to pique my interest. A neutral beige Kelly 28 in Evercolor leather with contrasting interior. Told it was lighter than Hermes gold, I imagined Nata or Craie, Beton  or maybe even something Trench like. 

When the call – actually text – came, intrigue propelled me to the boutique nearly immediately. Yet, I did not ask for the details. Perhaps desiring surprise, I also feared disappointment.

Hermès Connecticut

Once in the “special room,” I directed my lovely SA not to tell… just show. As she unsealed and unboxed, my expectations were low. Some beiges are, to me, too yellow; others too brown or orange. Though I love those tilting gray, my collection already includes Gris Mouette. 

So, when this rich creamy beige popped out, I probably gasped. Caramel aptly describes it. In Evercolor, a lightly textured leather, the hue resembles sweet swirls of the confection. Although darker than honey, it’s also lighter and brighter than Gold.

The real surprise, however, is inside. Truthfully, I had no preconceived notions. Again, my preference runs to neutrals and maybe, if I’m feeling adventurous, a pop of red. There is virtually nothing pink in my wardrobe. The closest I get to pink is (in pre-covid days) a pedicure color. So imagine my shock when rose d’ete appeared and literally took my breath away. Hands down, no second guessing, this one was mine!

Hermès Gold togo versus Caramel evercolor.

Published: November 14th, 2020
Updated: November 21st, 2020

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