Chanel – No Longer a Tourist Bag

April 8, 2015 is a day that will live in fashion infamy. On that date, Chanel’s price equalization strategy took effect. What is that you ask? In an effort to harmonize pricing worldwide (and presumably quell the gray and reseller markets), Chanel raised its handbag prices in Europe while reducing them in Asia.


While the money and business terms are important, PurseBop still wants to know what’s the REAL aftermath of Chanel’s financial move? Have the price shifts changed the shopping experiences in Europe and Asia??

Although equal pricing seems like a noble goal, we’re not sure about the score.

Let’s take the story of PurseBop’s dear friend Elizabeth…

Even though she’s a NYC girl at heart, Elizabeth’s love of art takes her around the globe, especially to Europe. If art is her first love, handbags are a close second. There’s no better way to combine the two than April in Paris at the Louvre and the Rue Saint Honoré shopping district.

Paris is undoubtedly a wonderland for handbag shopping, and it’s easy to get lost. Knowing this, Elizabeth was a well-prepared traveler and shopper, and tried to use her time (and more importantly money) effectively. She studiously followed the eye candy on IG and fashion news months before her trip, and devised a plan of action for her shopping trip.

Here is her journey:


1st stop: Hermes

For her Hermes visit, Elizabeth had “Constance” on the mind! She was able to snap a Hermes Constance belt for her mother, and a Hermes Constance mini bag in Black for herself. Hermes, unlike Chanel, had declared they had no plan to raise European prices. Lower prices in Paris meant significant savings for Elizabeth –which she simply could not resist.

2nd stop: Louis Vuitton

Elizabeth was exploring for Dora, which she’d been considering for months, At the, flagship store on Avenue George V she succumbed, and it was love at first sight wit the LV Dora Monogram Canvas Tote. For Elizabeth, it was now or never as pricing would be quite different at home. LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, like Hermes, passed on global harmony.

Last, but not least: Chanel

Before April 8th, Elizabeth imagined a pristine Chanel shopping bag swinging from her arm as she strolled through Paris. Adding a boy bag to her collection was on her long-term wish list. The price increase was mildly off putting, but she still had to look and consider. In the store, Elizabeth tried on and admired the Boy bags for what seemed like an hour. Yet, ultimately she couldn’t pull the trigger! Even a small boy bag, is a BIG investment. A mere $130 saving could not justify a hasty irrevocable buy. In the US, she could shop comfortably and get her color and style preference for essentially the same price.

Picture credit @sarahgall

Upon her return stateside, Elizabeth told PurseBop she was ecstatic about her Paris finds. But the Chanel Paris experience was a disappointment. Shopping in Paris is luxe, but Elizabeth’s Chanel trip ended with “Why bother?”.

So, with global harmony, will you bother with shopping for Chanel in Paris?

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Love PurseBop

Published: May 27th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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6 Responses to “Chanel – No Longer a Tourist Bag”

  • i love the idea that the price increase keeps resellers from hogging bags and reselling them at ludicrous prices. But every girl should experience a purchase from 31 Rue Cambon and bring home that proud shiny white paper bag and box :p

    I guess that means Chanel is trying to increase Asia sales instead of sales in Europe. But it does make me wonder if this means that lesser people rush to buy Chanel cos of the mentality that you can get it at the same price at home — so lets just wait.

  • Thankyou for your insightful reply. I agree every girl should experience that shiny white Cambon bag :) I hope to again in Sept myself.

  • Is a dream of all of us to want to buy from Paris – I would buy something small to have one of those bags and maybe just purchase at home on larger things so I did not have to carry a large bag home.

  • loved the post! Congrats Elizabeth on your purchases!!! Just remembered I took pics of the brazilian Chanel window display to post on Boptalk so you can see how ridiculous prices are here :/ I´ve been running around so much that I ended up forgetting, but will post them asap :)

  • I still go to Chanel stores in Europe because each store carries different items (style, color, size, leather, etc.). This summer, I was on a cruise trip in Europe and was able to go to many Chanel stores in different cities. Each store had different stocks. I was able to find items that were hard to find as a result.